11 Super cute love quotes

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Check out these 11 super cute love quotes which can melt anyone's heart. These super sweet love lines can make your crush fall in love with you in a heartbeat. These are the sweetest things a person could ever say to you.
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1. You know the joys that fill my heart with a song and you instinctively know, when I silently cry out to you. You know my every waking thought and my words even before I speak. You complete my sentences. No one knows and understands me the way you do,and there's nothing I treasure more, than the way you love me.
- Daisy Ramsey

2. I want nothing more than

Cute things to talk about on your first date

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The first date is a critical time when you can either make or break the relationship and your impression. One of these tips will also help you score the second date automatically. Read on:

7. Dreams and aspirations:
There is nothing better than to meet a person who has a passion life already. Be genuine and speak about your love for music, reading, sports or whatever else that you like and are good at. At the

10 Cute things to say in 2015

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1. Each night after texting you for many hours, all I hope is that you hold the phone close to your heart and fall asleep. Imagining that much makes me feel our love is complete.

2. My life may not be the best and its definitely not anywhere close to perfection. But there are times when I feel that it is and those are the times that are spent with you.

3. Few people have a way of getting past my silent nature and touching my heart. One of them is you but you've gone far ahead from there and actually become a part of my heart.

4. Everything is changing in this

11 Love quotes for the year 2015

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In 2015 I want to be the feast to your senses... beauty for your eyes, music to your eyes, fragrance to your nostrils and sweetness when you speak. May our love grow more every single day of this year.

2. When I think about you, I think of great potential and talents that you have in your heart. I strongly believe that this year you will do something great and amazing to make this world a better place.

3. Sometimes you don't need to say a word, in fact you don't even need to be near me. All I need is to cherish the memories of our wonderful past and everything transforms into beauty.

4. You were first a stranger