Love quotes for those in a relationship

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If someone is in love with you, their words to you would make you feel special like never before. You would feel like you could trust him with your life, and that he would do everything to keep you safe and happy.
~Lisa Scott

Love is not about two people doing things similar. It is about two people doing things differently to cover one another's flaws, and making it a perfect whole.
~Marian Jones

When you love someone

Extraordinary Love Quotes for Her

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Some fires burn for a short while and they get extinguished. I pray, my love, that our fire of love burns much longer, each day with a little more light and more vibrant.
~ Judy Swan

Yesterday, I was just another lonely figure walking down the street. Until I bumped into you; with your large soulful eyes that can

Special love quotes for your girlfriend

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I like to lie awake and look at the stars, when the night is still and quiet. It is a beautiful sight; one that stirs in me a deep longing for you. We used to count the stars together in our childhood. I hope we never stop even in our sunset years.
~ Amanda Brown

I love my friends a little. I love my family the most. But my friends are my family, so I love them a little more!
~ Regina Clarke

I am shy around

Cute Love Quotes To Say To Your Boyfriend

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It is really puzzling how I ended up falling in love with you. It is just like watching the snow fall and not realizing how the snowflakes are adding up. Then all of a sudden, you realize that your whole lawn is covered in snow. All the little things that you do for me have added up and you are now my snowstorm. I love you sweetie.
~ Natasha

Every morning I wake up, I think of you. I think of you at random times during the day while I am at work. I think of you when I get into bed to sleep and wake up in the middle of the night thinking of you. There is truly no logical reason for this apart from, I LOVE YOU.
~ Abbey

You are the only person who