Cute Quotes about me

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Don't need many friends, I am happy with the faithful few. I don't care about fancy parties as long as the people inside are true. You may judge me by first impression but true knowledge needs a deeper view.
~ Mary Ann

I am simple, funny, cute, loving and

Inspirational love quotes

  at 13:46
After meeting you my ordinary life has transformed into a beautiful love story. Everything feels like it happens in the movies where you are the princess who changes my life forever.
~ Inspirational love quotes

I don't live in the yesterdays anymore

Love quotes in August

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I remember the days when I used to have a hard time trusting people. But it had all changed now that you are in my life. I not only trust you but I know I can rely on you for everything.  You are the epitome of happiness to me.

Only you have a way to

Sweetest boyfriend quotes

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You are worth keeping for a lifetime. The way you speak to me and understand all my emotions is amazing.  You are my best friend and my soul mate. You fill a deep hollow in my heart and I will never let you go.

I still remember our first date.  You were by far the most honest and innocent person I've ever met. The beauty of your heart just drew me to you like a magnet.  And now that you love me too I will treasure you forever.

I have so many friends and