Valentines day quotes for 2015

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From the day I met you, you've captured my mind,
like a precious ornament, you're the perfect find.
Even when I think or dream, I always imagine you,
you're a big part of my life, I really need you.
So finally with courage I want to ask this time,
please my darling, will you be my Valentine?

Valentines day is like a can't celebrate it without spreading a lot of love to the one who matters the most. That is why I celebrate this day with you. Happy Valentines day my love.

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Cute things to do for your boyfriend - The Best

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We have 11 best ideas on cute things that you can do for your boyfriend. These sweet things will melt his heart and make him feel loved. The best part is that you don't have to spend any money Plus he will get closer to you and your relationship will become even better than before. So lets dive straight into the world of cuteness.

Cute things to do for your boyfriend

1. Cooking his favorite meal:
I know this is a cliche but I being a guy love food and so do so many boys all over the world. You have to make something that we really love and cannot resist.

2. Create a heart warming card for him:
This is an easy thing to do and

10 most inspiring love quotes

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Here are some inspiring love quotes that are really beautiful. These quotes will inspire you to become a better person and love your partner with all your heart.

With you I can never get bored. You always come up with something funny that makes me fall totally in love with you again. You are the best part of my life.
~ Ischemia Shaw

Whenever we fight I remember the day when I fell in love with you. Then I change my mind because I know that no matter what I never want to loose that person that you were.
~ Darlene Joe

Most Inspiring Love Quotes

Your heart is my home where I find love. You are such a good and gentle person. Every time I fall I know that you are there to help me up no matter what the situation is.
~ Tammy Lin
Most inspiring love quotes
You make my heart beat

Cute Little Quotes

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If we make it a point to love and care for people around us for even an hour every day, it would build up a habit and make this world a better place.
~ Anthony Laves

Loving you is like being on a cloud, I love every bit of it and I feel so happy. You make me go higher with every smile.
~ Tristan Soy

You came into my life and taught me what it is like to have joy in my heart without any reason. You are my sweetest love.
~ Norad Stole
Cute Little Quotes
Even when I close my eyes, your