10 Love quote images & sayings

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Love is a beautiful feeling. Check out these pictures dedicated to quotes about love.
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This is what I hope you do. I hope you think about me every time and think how good I am and how perfect we are together. I hope you think about me and it brings a smile on your face just like it does on mine.
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 This is just one of the things that reminds me of how

Valentines day quotes for 2015

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From the day I met you, you've captured my mind,
like a precious ornament, you're the perfect find.
Even when I think or dream, I always imagine you,
you're a big part of my life, I really need you.
So finally with courage I want to ask this time,
please my darling, will you be my Valentine?

Valentines day is like a perfume...you can't celebrate it without spreading a lot of love to the one who matters the most. That is why I celebrate this day with you. Happy Valentines day my love.

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Cutest True Love Quotes for 2015

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1. If you go to search you may not find it because true love needs to exist in your heart. You cannot just create it out of thin air because it needs time, understanding, happiness, fights, quarrels, forgiveness and ultimately undying love.

2. True love happens when you can say things and find them funny when no one else does, when you can be silent and still find love, when you come to that person and find home in them.

3. All the dates, the presents

11 Super cute love quotes

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Check out these 11 super cute love quotes which can melt anyone's heart. These super sweet love lines can make your crush fall in love with you in a heartbeat. These are the sweetest things a person could ever say to you.
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1. You know the joys that fill my heart with a song and you instinctively know, when I silently cry out to you. You know my every waking thought and my words even before I speak. You complete my sentences. No one knows and understands me the way you do,and there's nothing I treasure more, than the way you love me.
- Daisy Ramsey

2. I want nothing more than