Valentines day quotes for 2017

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From the day I met you, you've captured my mind,
like a precious ornament, you're the perfect find.
Even when I think or dream, I always imagine you,
you're a big part of my life, I really need you.
So finally with courage I want to ask this time,
please my darling, will you be my Valentine?

Valentines day is like a can't celebrate it without spreading a lot of love to the one who matters the most. That is why I celebrate this day with you. Happy Valentines day my love.

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Lovely quotes for a friend

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I walked all my way down the streets with just my shadow to follow me. The moment you came my way, my shadow lost its long adorned status of being my companion for eternity.
~Golda Jefferson

Troubles were part and parcel of my life until you came. But your most sincere love and care showed the exit door to troubles.
~Jacqueline James

The canvas of my life is filled with the brightest and loveliest colors. Dear friend, thanks for being the artist who threw all those amazing hues in my life and making it a picture truly beautiful.
~Grace Patterson

Whenever I am with you, I

Cute Romantic Quotes

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Your beauty, brightened face and lovely smile are something I will always admire but even if they fade with age I will always love you because I first fell in love with your sweet heart. ~ Mike Ferrari

Used to read about it in quotes, poems, song lyrics and movies. But love never really felt so real until you came into my life and made it better than dreams. ~ Diana Ross
Hearts speak a language which can

Cute smile quotes

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Even when there is no one around, a smile can be a cute indicator of the fact that you are in a good mood.
~ Bernard Beguine

No matter which language you speak, everyone understands the true meaning of smile. It communicates everything that a heart wants to express and understand.
~ Troy Ferris

You may forget to wear a good looking dress, your makeup, shoes and accessories, but you must never forget to wear a genuine smile. No good look is complete without it.
~ Ryan Tan

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