Cute Romantic Quotes

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Your beauty, brightened face and lovely smile are something I will always admire but even if they fade with age I will always love you because I first fell in love with your sweet heart. ~ Mike Ferrari

Used to read about it in quotes, poems, song lyrics and movies. But love never really felt so real until you came into my life and made it better than dreams. ~ Diana Ross
Hearts speak a language which can

Cute smile quotes

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Even when there is no one around, a smile can be a cute indicator of the fact that you are in a good mood.
~ Bernard Beguine

No matter which language you speak, everyone understands the true meaning of smile. It communicates everything that a heart wants to express and understand.
~ Troy Ferris

You may forget to wear a good looking dress, your makeup, shoes and accessories, but you must never forget to wear a genuine smile. No good look is complete without it.
~ Ryan Tan

Have you ever seen a

Easter Quotes and sayings

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Easter is coming soon on April 20th this year and so here are some Easter Quotes for 2014. These quotes will help you come closer to Jesus.

Death and Satan tried but could not hold him any longer,
he proved that though evil seemed strong, he was stronger.
Darkness tried but could not overtake the beautiful light,
no matter how powerful the wrong, victory is for the right.
Easter Quotes
Easter Quotes
Easter is not just a day but a way of life. We all need to live as witnesses to the fact that he lives in and through us in every good deed and work that we do in his name.
~ Emily Viz

May this Easter bring untold happiness and joy in your life knowing that

Cute in Love Quotes

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After meeting you, I don't wish for fancy things anymore. All I need is and more of you my love.
~ Donna

I have nothing else in my life but your love. But I have slowly realized that I really don't need anything else. All I need is your love.
~ Jewel
The reward of meeting you was knowing you, the reward of knowing you was liking you. But among all of these the best reward I have is falling in love with you.
~ Maria

I was just an ordinary person before I met you, but ever since you came into my life everything feels better than ever before. It feels so good to be in Love!
~ John Ruth ford
I am so in love with you, will you love  me
In Love Quotes
When you are in love, you tend to do things that you would never do. I think so much about you love, I even dream about the times we spend together...that is what Love can do.
~ Jessica Many

After meeting you in the day nights feel so long. I just wait for the next time I am going to meet you and can't even sleep at nights lost in thoughts about you.
~ Voltaire
I was never a poet before but now I write poems for you, I was a music listener but now I sing and hum love songs too. I guess falling in love makes you a new person.
~ Ben Johns

I could not help but fall for your beautiful blue eyes. Your smile had gripped me and I could not take my eyes off of you. This is nothing but else but Love!
~ Karen Letters

No matter where you go in life, my feelings for you will never change because after knowing you I have had the best days of my life that I will forever cherish.
~ Warren Ponzi

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