Heartbreak but still love you quotes

  at 17:37
1. I've had so many sleepless nights thinking about where I went wrong and I just can't make sense of it. I wish this never ended. I need you, please come back to me.

2. Its not beauty or money that I was looking for. I was looking and still look only at you. You are the diamond in my dark world and I will continue searching for you even when you hate me.

3. I wish I still had you with me

8 picture quotes about love

  at 15:56
Love has made me such a daydreamer. Everyday I think about you during class, while I'm at work and while traveling. You've made our space in my mind.

This is what I will always be in our relationship

Cute Long Love Quotes

  at 20:02
To be honest, I could talk all day and all night about you and still have a million and one things left to say about you when the sun rises. But too many words lose meaning fast. So I will just stop at; you are the best and most wonderful person I have ever met and I cannot imagine living a life with you not in it. I love you.
~ Lucy

Right there in your arms, under the bright light of the full moon is where I want to be where nothing else in the world matters apart from you and me ~ Rachel

Without a doubt, each and every love story

10 Sweet things to tell your better half

  at 09:23
You're the type of person who can make anyone look good. With you I feel the beauty in everything that I do, plus you're sweet which makes you my perfect match.
~ Sweet things to tell your girlfriend or boyfriend.

2. Though our tastes are different and sometimes we go on different directions you are the one who completes me. Without you I would be like a Romeo looking for my Juliet.

3. The best thing about you and me