2014 Merry Christmas Quotes and Wishes

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When you are in the Christmas spirit, all things around you look brighter, better and lovely. Suddenly there is hope for a better tomorrow. May this Christmas season make you dream again!
~ Susan Robertson

Celebrating Christmas is the best way to share love, joy and kindness with those we love. It is a time to show our friends and family just how much they mean to us. Thanks for being a pillar in my life, Merry Christmas!
~ Norah Johnson

Christmas comes and goes but the Christmas spirit lives on year on end. Nothing can take away the love and joy of a cheerful giver. Best wishes as you share in the Christmas spirit.
~ Amber Jackson

Love is the glue that holds

Lovely quotes for a friend

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I walked all my way down the streets with just my shadow to follow me. The moment you came my way, my shadow lost its long adorned status of being my companion for eternity.
~Golda Jefferson

Troubles were part and parcel of my life until you came. But your most sincere love and care showed the exit door to troubles.
~Jacqueline James

The canvas of my life is filled with the brightest and loveliest colors. Dear friend, thanks for being the artist who threw all those amazing hues in my life and making it a picture truly beautiful.
~Grace Patterson

Whenever I am with you, I

Passionate love quotes for loved ones

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I will lay everything down for you, my love, my preciousness, do you know that once a man finds a treasure he will do anything to keep it safe. My darling, you are that treasure.
~ Markus Johnson

Oh how sweet you are, when you speak my heart melts, you blind me to the uttermost with those amazing eyes. You overwhelm me with emotions because you're my source of love.
~ Angeline Gordon

Love is a beautiful thing that happens in one of the most unexpected manners. Once the couple who has been away since they were little kids, grow up and meet, that's when life starts.
~ Carol Pitt

When I love you, I need

Love quotes for those in a relationship

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If someone is in love with you, their words to you would make you feel special like never before. You would feel like you could trust him with your life, and that he would do everything to keep you safe and happy.
~Lisa Scott

Love is not about two people doing things similar. It is about two people doing things differently to cover one another's flaws, and making it a perfect whole.
~Marian Jones

When you love someone