Cute Little Quotes

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If we make it a point to love and care for people around us for even an hour every day, it would build up a habit and make this world a better place.
~ Anthony Laves

Loving you is like being on a cloud, I love every bit of it and I feel so happy. You make me go higher with every smile.
~ Tristan Soy

You came into my life and taught me what it is like to have joy in my heart without any reason. You are my sweetest love.
~ Norad Stole
Cute Little Quotes
Even when I close my eyes, your

Cute couple quotes

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This week I was inspired to write some really good quotes for couples. Having a relationship is getting tough in this selfish world which is why we need more love and understanding. Here are some quotes that you can share with your better half.

1. In your arms I find a world where I can stay in peace, happiness and love without worrying about anything else. Your hug is the best thing in life.

2. Sometimes we get into quarrels and we fight. But no matter what happens I never want to loose you. Disagreement are temporary but love lasts forever.

Bonus quote:
The fire of love is not easily quenched once it starts burning in the heart, indeed, it can consume the whole life of the lover if such love is genuine.
~ Rev Dairo Joseph Eniolorunda

3. Sometimes you piss

Cute things to say

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The sweetest pain you will ever feel is when I hug you a little tight and the only time I will fight is when they say someone else is cuter than you.
~ Janelle Lopez

Your smile blooms better than the flowers in the garden. Your face looks brighter than the stars in the night. But more than all these it is your loving heart which makes me want to love you forever.
~ Troy Memphis

That day when we said good bye and you left, I was in thoughts about our old memories. Then when I saw the watch more than 45 minutes had passed by and I was still there. That is how much I love you.
~ Shawn Tintoretto

Cute things to say
When I first met you, I had no idea

Love Quotes Pictures

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Here are some lovely pictures that you will really like. Feel free to send them to your loved ones and comment to let us know what you think.