Love yourself quotes

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You were created to succeed and move ahead towards your destiny and at times you may feel unloved. But if you motivate yourself with faith enough you can achieve all that you have dreamed of.
~ Shanna Mikes

When you begin to love yourself and stand up with confidence anew journey of life long love begins. Stand up for yourself because you are all you have.
~ Oneness Bridge

You may have some

Cute funny love quotes

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Man: I want to tell you something funny.
Woman: Alright. I would like to hear it.
Man: Knock knock!
Woman: Who is it?
Man: Mary
Woman: Mary who?
Man: Marry me : )
~ William Lee

I have never been in love but

Cute quotes about myself

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I was feeling low this week and realized that there are so many people who must be feeling the same at some point in life. So here are some original quotes I wrote which I'm sure you will be able to relate to. These quotes are beautiful and can be shared with those you care for.

1. There is no need for 100 friends, faithful friends are few. I don't even care about parties where people are fake and untrue. People judge by first impression but to know me you need a deeper view.

2. Cuteness is my best friend and happiness is my shadow. I love talking and telling tales to make people laugh. Everyday my aim is to make this world a lovely place to live in. That's all about me. What about you?

3. The type of guy who still believes

The best cute girl quotes

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I strongly believe in women empowerment and these quotes are originally written to describe the goodness within women. I have written some of these quotes from a friends perspective. After you finish reading, please take 30 seconds to let me know if you liked the quotes or not.

1. A girl should always be treated with respect and kindness. If you do not know how to treat a girl right, you won't have her for long in your life.

2. I prefer to be a girl who is smart and a achiever than someone who is just pretty and without any substance.
cute girl sayings, cutest girl
Cute girl quotes
3. Girls can hug, giggle and say "I love your smile and the way you look" to another girl without feeling ashamed. For guys, doing any of that would becomes homo and they just can't go with it.

4. All I ever wanted was a good