Cute cuddle and hug quotes

  at 11:49
What is life, without your arms around me? What is life without the smell of you next to me? What is life without you by my side? Cuddle me, love me and promise never to ever live my side
~ Jane Thomson

I cannot imagine a life out of your arms, it sounds lonely and dreary and so out of place. I was created to be loved and cared for by you, to lie in your arms forever.
~ Emily Banes

I feel your love so real in my love, so

Cute Animal quotes

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A dog is loyal and you can always count on the animal to protect and watch over your home. But if you ever try to give him the same job for a sandwich he might eat it up. ; )
~ Jim Cats

My neighbors dog was looking really cute and I went over and pet it for an hour and returned home. My dog made me sit down and said, "I saw you pet the neighbors dog, wanna explain what that was about?" Damn! He reminds me of my wife.
~ Dog quotes

Wanna rob a sheep? The hardest part is not getting it away from the owner, but to stop the rest of the herd from following you.
~ Loyd Dillon
Dog quotes, cute dog with glasses
Dog is so cute
I am the boss, and he is my

Sad love quotes for him - Heart break

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These quotes will help you to say exactly what you have been feeling all this while. Hopefully, they will help you feel a lot better than before.

Playing with hearts is your second nature and I could have never guessed what you were up to. I loved you with all my heart and all you did was break it into pieces.
~ Tara Nice

We spent so many memories together, lovely moments that seem almost impossible to forget. How will I ever be able to let go of all those timeless things?
~ Shavian Law

This girl was has a broken heart because of you, she lost her

Cute good morning quotes

  at 18:41
The cutest thing I see every morning when you are not with me are your photos. It makes me feel so happy and I go 'Aww' all day long.
~ Oleander Torres

Every morning as I wake up, I have made up my mind to be positive and thing good things. I am letting go of all the negativity and will march forward towards my goals.
~ Genesis Milton

I always needed a reason to be