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I have many messages in the inbox of my phone. Some are from friends and others from strangers but none are as precious as the ones that have been sent by you.
~ Love Quotes rewritten

Even as I sit here by the beach, the water touches my feet and I remember how you made me smile the first time. Come back soon, I miss you like roses miss the sunshine.
~ Ru-mi Keaton

I always wanted something but never knew that all I ever wanted was more and more of YOU!
~ Sukiyaki Chi

Your love is all that I was waiting for and now that I feel it
...oh man...what I thought was not even quarter of what I thought it really was.
~ Gary Lawyer
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Cute love quotes
Don't worry about the distance because as the distance increases my heart misses you more. You never have to worry about us being together because my heart is sealed for you.
~ Deena Spaatz

I love hearing your voice from afar. It makes my heart skip a beat and make my feet dance for joy. I am waiting to hear your sweet voice all over again.
~ Wei Raw

Cuteness trickled from your eyes, rolled on your nose and was born on your lips. You are the epitome of cuteness for me.
~ Natalie Jensen

Were you made of honey or sugar? Because you are the sweetest person I have ever met.
~ Laura Kenton

When the sun goes down and it gets dark, I'll let you know how dark it feels without your loving company.
~ Jack Corona
No matter how far you go, I will always remember you and if you hear the sounds of beats somewhere in silence then remember that its my heart which beats for you every day.
~ Jonah Swans

Heart me and I will heart you back. Encourage me and I will encourage you back. Love me and I will not only love you back but give my life away to you forever.
~ Skier Pastern

There are various reasons why we met. Some say it was destiny, some say that it was chance but I think it was 3 things... Love, love and love.
~ Merak Jonas

Someday we will realize that we the days we spent together were more precious than anything else and then we will smile happily because we lived and loved to the fullest.
~ Shane Mick

At the slightest touch of love a man can turn into a poet and a woman ca turn into an artist. There is no better motivation than the one provided by love.
~ Gerald Wines

When I meet my Mr. Right, I want to ask him why he got so late. I have been asking and thinking about how he looks and talks since ages.
~ Mary Lesson

People may turn far away from you and the closest friend may betray you but when all that happens you can come to me. That's because you're not just a part of my friend circle, you're a part of my heart.
~Wilson Smith

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