Cute quotes about love

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Love is beautiful and it is one of the best things we experience in life. Today, I spent 3 hours writing these quotes about romance and love. Hope you like them all.

1. No matter how many faults and failings they may have on a normal day. When you fall in love, all of those weaknesses fade away and all you see is beauty and light.
Cute quotes about love
2. I am done with searching everywhere for my soul mate. Weeks have turned into months and now into a year. All I want now is for my soul mate to come find me.

3. No matter how much time I spend with him/her, I can never ever get enough of you. Your love is forever mine and I need you everyday.
4. I want my love story to read as, he was searching for her and she was searching for him. They met accidentally and they almost passed each other but with that first look they sealed their souls forever.

Cute quotes about love

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Cute quotes about love
5. There is hardly anything to do without you but with is so much more beautiful.

6. There are so many things that love can mean. The first love, the one you loved the most, the one who spoke to your family and then the one who you will love all the days of your life no matter where you are.

7. Love is not about gifts, kisses or even going out every  other. Its about caring, giving and sharing.

8. There are so many words in the English language but I can find none of them to describe you completely.

9. The closer we get each day, the better it keeps getting. The more I know you, the better I understand and love you every day.

10. I used to wonder why do people speak in such stupid conversations when talking to their loved ones until I started loving you.

11. Knowing that you are mine keeps away the times when I used to feel lonely. I used to keep searching for the one who would love me. Now that I have found you, I will never let you go.

12. All the years that I have spent with you have been so beautiful. I love each and every moment that I have spent with you laughing, caring and loving.

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  1. love is like shinning star in the night it burns brightly in the sky. love is without an end amen....

  2. love is like musical notes they have there own story to tell

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    1. Currently we have
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  4. love is like our 2 eyes, 1 nose, 1 mouth...... they stay wid us 4r ever n ever. if we find a true love than its like our whole body n LOVE IS D BST FEELING DAT CANNOT BE EXPRESSED

  5. If loving you was sweet as amarula strong as jack daneials nice as champagne the I'd diffinitly be an alcoholic for you

  6. Love may make feel like facing a rising sun.It just does't need to be expressed, if it is true it will reach them just by your eyesight.
    And then everyday will be a present for you.

  7. Love is like a breath..
    Without breath u can't live..

  8. I'm not as strong as I look!
     my weakness is not hearing of you,
    if only I receive an msg. from you
     would be the antidote to my cure,
    my mind knows that you are extremely busy, 
    but my heart does not understand!.
     because right now I miss you with all my heart...
     only a :-) of you can be sufficient 
    to calm my badly on the moment!..
    hear from you...
     I love you!
    I'm missing you now

  9. Love can make things you've never thought possible