Cute Quotes on Love

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He who is in love can become anything at all. He could be a poet today, a painter tomorrow, a singer another day. For when you fall in love there is hardly anything that you cannot do. All things become possible through love.
Cute Quotes on Love

Falling in love is like listening to your favorite song of all times on loop. You may not be able to see it but the feeling is all powerful and cannot be compared to any other.
~ Rena Molten

From being angry, to a kind person. From being selfish to becoming selfless. From being irritated to being considerate... Love can change people in ways that they may not even know. That is the power of Love! ~ Bern Feller 
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Cute Quotes on Love

Cute Love Quotes

I look at you and remember the stars of the night sky. I hear your voice and remember the best tune I have heard. I love you in ways that you may not even know, I don't ask for anything in return, just stay as you are. ~ Shariah Lawson

Your cuteness is like the sun, ever bright and burning.
That is the reason why to you I keep on returning.
I don't know whether I should call you an angel or a dove.
Or should I call you baby? No, I will call you LOVE!
~ Maria Volt-er (You too can contribute your quotes by clicking submit quotes at the bottom of this page.)

Seeing you is the best thing that meets my eyes. My love for you seems infinite like the skies. When I fell for you they asked me the reason why? She is the best I said, I speak the truth, no lie.
~ Fiona Donaldson

Love is a feeling that you can't refuse. When you fall in love, no matter how many people exist in a room, without the one you love you feel all alone.
~ Fern Lowell

Love is the powerful word which when you speak out not only is a word by an action. Try saying "I Love You" to a person with all your heart and look at their reaction and you will know.
~ Jim Mart

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