Sweet Love Quotes

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Like an arrow which leaves the shaft and like the rocket that leaves the ground, my heart is not mine anymore. I have given it up completely in your love. You are the love of my life.
~ John Stats
I was walking down a street and I was thinking about you. Your thoughts made me smile and I was not walking anymore but light as an angel and flying in my own world. That is what you do to me.
~ Melton Joy

A smile changes the world and does not cost anything. The first time you smiled at me, I felt the best feeling of that day. It did not cost you but it changed my life forever.
~ Jane Mason

Sweet Love Quotes

Rarely does the rain fall over the desert ground and soothe it and heal it. But when it does, all of the desert is transformed completely. You have transformed my life in ways I cannot describe. You are the best one in my life.
~ Valerie Joseph

Sweet Love Quotes
When sorrow pierces my heart and things get difficult to handle, I always think about the good times we had and everything becomes alright.
~ Winston Veil

Loving is not a choice but a habit that is imbibed in all of us. We love not because we are we want something better, but because we will never go away from it.
~ Baton Hal

Good people get good things and a simple act of kindness can change things forever. Never underestimate the power of love.
~ Joel Stevens
When times get difficult and love is hard to find, remember that it the light will find you somehow and you will see the power of love come back to you somehow.
~ Crane Jacobs

The lovers of work have more to work, the lovers of hope are more hopeful than ever. I am a lover of love and I spread it everywhere I go.
~ Platter Voyage

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1. Its a nature:
Being sweet comes naturally to many people. It is inculcated in them. Sweetness in nature easily translates into sweetness in writing.
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There are tons of resources out there that can help you in what you aspire to do. As you read new and improvised material you will learn the art of writing yourself.
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