Cute military love quotes

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Following are some of the most beautifully written cute military love quotes.

You stood up for the nation to protect and save all of us citizens of this country. You are ready to sacrifice your life for us all and I am ready to stand by you until the very end!
~ Nina Rommel

People say that that the seven wonders of
the world are one of the best places in the world. I beg to differ because for me, the embrace of your arms is the best place in the whole world.
~ Finesse Joaquin

Cute military love quotes

People who lack patience and understanding of true love are the ones who tell me that being in love with you is not worth it. No matter who tells me what, I will always love you.
~ Ricky Strindberg
cute military love quotations and sayings
Cute Military Love Quotes

The oceans may dry up and the mountains may turn to mere sand. But my love for you will last as long as you live because I know the value of spending a moment with you. It is precious!
~ Quincy Potsworth

Love is not something that happens to everyone. Love is not something that happens every day. It happened to me once and I can never forget it. it is a memory that i will cherish forever.
~ Bernard Talkies

You maybe in Afghanistan could be in Pakistan or Israel or anywhere in the world.  No matter where you go to serve the nation, my heart will always follow you with all my love just for you!
~ Shelley Comp

Your love is the best that I have ever known and no matter the distance or the spaces I will always cherish being your loved one. Knowing you is one of the greatest gift of my life.
~ Valentin Morgan
The women and families are usually left behind in their country of origin but that does not leave them behind from supporting them. They are always there to love, pray and care for them from a distance.
~ Bryce Clive

Give me the strength Lord each day to go through my life knowing that you are protecting my loved one in a land far away. I thank you for calming my fears and being there for me every day. Amen.
~ Leanne Runes

Men who work in corporate firms make money, men who are civilians live in the safety of their homes. But military men are the ones who fight to protect them all.
~ Shea Love

A soldier does not usually fight because he hates the enemy or the perpetrators. He fights with all his valor because he loves the people in his country especially his family.
~ Don Mills

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How to write your own sweet and cute military love quotes?
You may be feeling lonely and negative. But use it all to lift your spirits higher. Write something beautiful for him so that he will cherish it when he returns back. Here are some points you can keep in mind while writing.

1. His favorite:
Go back in time and remember the first date and the first gift he bought you. All the beautiful things that happened in the relationship. Write them down and pick the best ones to create your very own message. Its not so hard at all.

2. Rhyme it all:
Every one appreciates a good rhyme. Try to rhyme the message and you will be surprised how creative you can really get. There are many tools online that will help you create a rhyme.

3. Trial and error:
Don't get discouraged if you are unable to get the best results at first. Stay patient and you will find that steadily you can rhyme and write a good quote, message and even a poem. You very own cute military love quotes!

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  1. At the end of my life.... I may die but still i love my nation and you..