Forgiveness Love Quotes

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Best of forgiveness Love Quotes for anyone in need of it.

Give up  that anger, it is really not worth fighting. Don't play those hurtful memories again and again. Delete them or burn them into ashes. Let it go and let love into your heart once again.
~ Donna Nonstandard
Forgiveness Love Quotes
When you make a mistake I forgive you and when you make one I do too. That's the way love is supposed to work. We have problems and we always come out of them better off.
~ Milan Hollander

There are few things in life that
cannot be resolved with kindness. Forgive the one that hurts you and you will find forgiveness back in some way or the other.
~ Ian Museum

Love and life will find you back.Give and things will come back to you multiplied. Sharing and giving are powerful components of life.
~ Torrid Alas

Forgiveness Love Quotes

There is no mistake so great that cannot be pardoned. There is nothing on this planet that cannot be undone. Love is something that we all have and need to share as brothers and sisters.
~ Yale Burris

The problem is not as great as we make it to be. Our minds enlarge them beyond proportions many a times and it gets very hard to forgive.
~ Darrin Loyal

Time is the biggest healer of problems and disputes. There are few things on earth that cannot be solved forgiveness, kindness and love.
~ Calvin Isolation

I love you so much and this is a feeling that will never go. Mistakes happen and problems erupt but love is something that will never depart from my loving heart.
~ Raoul Kings

There are brothers who do not talk to each other, lovers who don't love anymore. Don't let that be you. Take the higher road and walk on the higher path. Let the goodness of life fill you and others.
~ Bison York

The power of forgiveness
Forgiveness is something that all of us need at some point or the other. The Holy Bile asks us to forgive others their trespasses so that our own may be forgiven by almighty God. we only need to be considerate towards others so that we may receive consideration in return. Even if we don't, we must forgive so that we may be free of the burden and may not aggravate the problem in our own minds.

Remember that it is not enough to just forgive. You need to love them back.
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  1. I hurt u and lost u
    but I ment it when I said I loved u
    I didnt mean to hurt u I was just afraid of losing u
    u were my world my life my soul
    No one is ever perfect and am not too
    I have made mistakes before but this is the one I'm dieing to fix
    Because I love u............