Cute friend quotes

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Cheers to all those times when we went out to play and party. You are a friend who has given me so many beautiful memories. Every moment spent with you is full of FUN!
~ Jam Lens

When I have you by my side, I don't have to worry about getting bored. You bring excitement in my life. Your silly jokes make me lol all the time. You are my best friend.
~ Tim Moral

Cute friend quotes

Friendship is close to love. We find
goodness and love together when we find a friend who is loyal and faithful.
~ Faith Grins
Cute friend quotes
Cute friend quotes
I like the way you joke and make fun of everyone else. I like the way you cheer me up on days when I am bored or sad. Your friendship is worth millions to me.
~ Joan Bolton

My friendship with you is like a gushing water fall. It could stop in the hot summers or flow and overflow in the rains but it still is a beautiful sight to see and creates good vibes in my heart.
~ Shawn Kellie

Cute friendship is not all about the hard times and standing by each other during tough times. It is also about cheering and celebrating successes and happiness in the good times.
~ Royal Walleye

All this chaos is going to make so much sense one day. All through the tears and fights that we had and all along the parties and happiness we will realize that we are just perfect through all the imperfections.
~ Trinity Sephardi

We may be a little pressed for money and for material things in life. We may not have our goals together. All we have is each other and luckily that is all we really need.
~ Voyage Fonda

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Who is a true friend?
There are different types of people who become friends. Some become friends for a reason while some become friends for a season. Most others remain for as long as possible.

1. Friend for a reason:
This is a person who has similar motives as yours and will stand by you as long as you have similar motives. Once you differ then they start going away from you or turn against you.

2. Friend for a season:
These are people who come in at a particular time and are marked for a season. Once they are see that the happy times are over or if they find someone new, they move on. You do not have to blame yourself for loosing such a friend.

3. Friends forever:
As the title says it, they stay with you forever. They stick by you in tough times and celebrate your happiness. Those who find such people are really blessed.

I hope you can find one too. Have a blessed day!

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