Cute Baby Quotes

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A baby is not only cute, but it is one of the most innocent humans on the planet. It has no sense of doing wrong or evil. It has no ambitions and knows no problems. When it loves you, it truly does it.
~ John York

Growing up we learn so many things and they distort the true way of living life. Babies live for the moment, they cry for the moment and play in the moment. No care for yesterdays or tomorrows.
~ Mirage Willy

When a baby is
born in a house, it is one of the best moments in the lives of the parents. Almost like they themselves have received a new life. Its a wonder a miracle which can compare to no other.
~ David Persona
Cute Baby Quotes
Cute Baby Quotes

Cute infant Sayings

Even the most rude and angry people become sweet hearts when the come across an infant. They may not listen to their family, friends or even cops. But an infant has the power which others don't.
~ Tellies Pint

You won't find pure love from a grown man or woman. You won't find it in romance and sensuality either. Pure love is found in little babies who know nothing but the language of love.
~ Sarah Jay

It's like I dreamed my baby to life. When I was young I used to wonder what my baby would look like and how it would smile and make everyone feel happy. All that has now come true.
~ Jerome Hatchet

Though you do not understand the world today, someday you are going to grow up to be a happy human. You will be a person of integrity and everything you learn from this world.
~ Tara Chide

Holding a baby's hand is an incredible feeling. Its almost like you were touched by an angel. Though we have never known how angels act, they must be somewhat close to little kids.
~ Sheena Guys

The happiness a little baby brings changes home into heaven. It is one of the happiest times for the ones who surround the infant. Little does the child know that he is the source of happiness.
~ Shelly Pearson

Yes we need to take care of the baby and teach it many things, but have we stopped and tried to learn from a baby?
~ Mercy Ora

When you invest in a baby and take care of it, remember that you are growing up a person who some day will be a businessman, a doctor, an engineer or someone great. That will help you in your daily struggles.
~ Haas Peters

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