Cute Inspirational Quotes

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Those who show off and tell all about their plus points and strengths are not the special. The strongest are those who fight the battle without uttering a single word and come out victorious.
~ Many Fresh

I have seen single mothers work two jobs. Sixteen year old's hunger for success and 20 years old's make millions. Handicap people achieving mind numbing feats. What is
stopping you from achieving your destiny?
~ Tristan Yoke

Cute Inspirational Quotes

Do not be sorry for having high standards and expectations. That is not something to be sorry about. If your friends want to be your comrades, they will raise the bar and stand by you anyways.
~ Caleb Mode
Cute inspirational Quotes
Cute inspirational Quotes

Challenges have a way of looking really hard until you go ahead and conquer them head one. They seem complicated until the time when you unravel and simplify them all. Then you can be the light for others to see.
~ Sheila Johnson

Results don't come easy. The word result is set into motion only when plans, strategies, investments and efforts are put in. There is hardly ever a substitute for hard work.
~ Toby Robson

We need to redefine the old saying which says "Goo things fall in place for them that await patiently". in these modern times it can be re written to read,
"Good things come to them that work relentlessly towards their goals."
~ Valerie Cold

For those of you who believe in God: "Dream and imagine the best and the biggest that you can and I will go beyond it" ~ God.
~ Jean Summers

The earth did not progress just like that. There were great men who with inspiration made it what it is today.
~ Fawn Malt

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How to stay inspired?
We all need some inspiration from time to time. If we do not fill our selves with inspiration then we will tend to burn out. They say success is ninety nine perspiration and one percent of inspiration. Let me show you three points that can help you stay inspired.

1. Follow a person:
In many people's life including mine it is God. There are others who get inspired by actors, players, entertainers, singers among many others. Ensure that the person you follow is consistent and that you stay inspired all the time when  you look up to them.

2. Do something:
Play a sport, join a group, exercise, pray, listen to music or whatever that gets you energized and out of the old rut. That is a sure way to get your mind refreshed. Make sure that what you do creates a motivated vibe within you and you are attracted to do something productive.

3. Inspiration is not everything:
It is what you do after you are inspired is what is more important. Getting motivated is just the start and not the end in itself. There is something that you need to do after getting inspired and that is what is important to reach your goals.

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