Cute summer quotes

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I buy the best of clothes for summers. I have my hat ready, sunglasses on and my shoes are sparkling. I am ready for a summer party!
~ Vientiane Gretel

My backyard is green and my front porch is sizzling. The barbecue is ready and my pool is shimmering. Its time for friends, food and drinks. YES Summer!
~ Joanne Lou

Summer is the most beautiful time of the year
and its something I wait for all year long. The sun is bright, people are happy, the grass is greener, river is shimmering and everything is so beautiful.
~ Suave Nina
Cute Summer sayings
Cute Summer Quotes
Summer is like a DSLR camera. It just focuses on the beauty, zooms into the most lovely times of life and crops out all that is not good looking. Cheers to summer.
~ Lima Taro

Without a doubt summer is the best season of all in the west. Winter tears your spirits down with dull weather and the snow but summer brings life back in a sassy frame.
~ Chan Guerra

We were young and happy. Those were the best times of our lives and we were killing it every single night like it was the last night of our lives. The best things happened in summers.
~ Lenoir Koans

The feeling of love is bright like a summer morning. It is warm and fuzzy like the summer evenings. It always ends sparkling beautiful like the summer nights. Its simply the most beautiful time.
~ Shane Partner

I walk by the ocean with sand on my feet. I gaze up to the clear blue skies and I have never felt so alive before. These are the best times of my life and I simply love it.
~ Jeanne Violet

The glow on my face is more than just because of the sunlight, the warm breeze and the fantastic atmosphere. Its because of my love with the summers.
~ Cabrera Miller

What are some cool things to do during summer?
Summer in the west (many parts excluding a few) is a welcome change. It is a time for fun and letting go. The sun is bright, sand is glistening and it is the best time for events and parties. Here are a few things that you can do during summer to chill out and have a good time.
1. Go out for a swim at a nearby pool with friends and have a barbecue there. 2. Invent your own cool drink or ice cream.3. Play volleyball, football, baseball or whatever you like. Just make sure that it is always outdoors. The point is to be out in the sun. 4. Go by the beach and get a nice tan. Don't burn yourself, you don't want to look roasted. 5. Go for a house party at night and have an awesome time. Also, you could stare up at the clear blue skies at night laying by the grass. 6. Make sure that you also help the community in some way or the other. Help out or volunteer, give what you receive and the circle of joy will be complete.

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