Cute country quotes

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The country life is the real life. Unlike the city where there is so much of pretense and ambition for worthless things, we really live life to the fullest in the country.
~ Jack Rip
Yeah I like to drink freshly brewed beer and blazing guns don't scare me. I carry both in each hand so beware of me - I'm a country girl.
~ Shane Pierce

Cute country quotes

My cow boy boots won't stop until
the mud has all unsettled. I run my race and make no haste. Staying calm, cool and collected like one of the country boys.
~ Austin Rub
Cute country quotes
Cute country quotes
You can call me unkempt, you could choose to call me grungy. You could call me a rider but whatever you call me, you can't call me fake. We exported that job to the city.
~ Antonio West

All those red necks have a big heart as big as the big apple (New York). Never mind the money they have in their pocket they are always ready for a happy start.
~ Avery Coleslaw

You will never be dissapointed with a country boy because he will always treat you with chivalry. He knows how you feel when he opens the doors for you and pulls out the chairs for you to sit. He has a large heart!
~ Cecil Maris
If you do not remember who Jack Daniels is or don't know how to bait a hook. Never wore a cow boy hat or shoes, then you are definitely not from the country.
~ Reese Win

The music here is the same to the ears when you hear it live or on a tape. It is not like the crappy auto tunes you cook up in the cities.
~ Garth Thurman

Even if you leave the country, the country will never leave your heart. These are the times you will miss the most. You will always cherish and want to live them again.
~ Toby Vin

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