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Today we bring you free dating websites because we understand the pain of being single. It is painful because we want someone to love us and at the same time we have love in our hearts to give to someone else. These websites are free to register and have thousands of members all over the world. Most of them are country specific websites so that you can date someone in your city/country.
Top dating websites for free, Best free dating websites
Dating websites for free

Dating websites for free

1. (America)
Starting this list with an all american entry. This site is for you. You can a plethora of people from America. Registration is free here and you won't have to spend a dime.
Click here to register.

2. (Australia only)
This is an Australia only website for dating. It is similar to the others and takes just a few seconds to register. There are 32 million member's on this website with 57% females. They add about 20,000 members every day. We support country wise websites because it is almost always good to have someone whom you can meet rather than someone from another country altogether.
Click here to register if you reside in Australia.

3. (UK only)
This is a United Kingdom only website for people of all ages. You will meet a lot of like minded people on this site. Majority of the people registered on this site are females. There are thousands of single males registered too.
Click here to register if you are from the UK.

3. (France only):
This website is specially for people from France. This is one of the oldest french dating sites out there on the internet. You can simply register by filling basic details or log in with your Facebook profile and it will be filled in automatically. It has been voted one of the best sites in France. You can find people in your own city in France.
Click here to register if you are from France.

4. (Canada only):
This site is only for people from Canada. If you are a Canadian this is a good place to find love. It has 57 percent females and 43% men registered. They have over 34 million registered users. You can find like minded people on this site and who knows you may find the love of your life here in Canada.
Click here to register if you live in Canada.

5. (German only)
A website for people from Germany. This site has a lot of people from Germany and registering here is easy. You can use your Facebook account and it will work with ease. This website is free of charge. The best part is that you can also make money on this website.
Click here to register.

6. (South Africa only)
If you are currently living in South Africa, this is your best option. There are a lot of women and men registered on this website. If you are over 29 years of age, this is your best bet.  The registration is quick and can be done in 2 minutes.
Click here to register if you are from South Africa.

7. Rest of the world:
Didn't see your country listed? Don't worry, this site has a place for everyone. Again, the registration is completely free and you can have a good time here.
Click here to register and login if you are from the rest of the world.

Remember, you can register for more than one website. The next page has some of the best love quotes to send to the person you find on these websites.

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