Inspirational love quotes

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After meeting you my ordinary life has transformed into a beautiful love story. Everything feels like it happens in the movies where you are the princess who changes my life forever.
~ Inspirational love quotes

I don't live in the yesterdays anymore
because they have made me stronger to become the person I am today. My heart is inspired from all the breaks and aches. I will live and love again.
~ Tony McCoy

Looking at you inspires me to become a better person in life. You motivate me to do greater things and strive for things I had no inspiration for. You have brought out the best in me.
~ Jill Soap

Inspirational love quotes for him and her
Inspirational love quotes
We have visited so many lovely
places, shared so many jokes and had so much of inspiration. But still I know that we can keep going further because love is infinite and has no boundaries.
~ Wrinkle Saw

Inspirational love quotes

The sweetest reward for all the work that I put into this relationship is simply to see you happy with a smile. I never wanted anything more and I won't settle for anything less.
~ Roil Frey

Everyday brings to us a little adventure. Even the small little things seem so exciting when you are a part of it. I cannot imagine living without you even for a single day.
~ Kestrel Wells

I just want to do something special for you everyday from here on. Even if its just saying "I love you" that's enough. I want to fall in love with you all over again.
~ Quinton Bail

When I fall down or feel disheartened due to a setback I always stay positive and keep a smile on my face because I have learnt that no matter what happens love will still be a part of me.
~ Olga Chris

Our hearts strive harder to achieve bigger and better dreams because love makes us give the best. No matter what the situation is you will always get the best of me.
~ Nathan Xian

When you act so cute and treat me so preciously I feel like I am a jewel. You are such a wonderful person and I cannot help but fall in love with you over and over again.
~ Genine Shaw

Sweetness is your second nature and kindness is in your smile. Love is a part of your speech and gentleness flows from your eyes. You make me feel loved so sweetly.
~ Anna Rouge

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