Cute Crush Quotes

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Try to push them out of your head. Try harder and stronger to remove them out of your mind and heart. But then even after trying with all your effort if they do not get out, maybe they are supposed to stay!
~ Tina Musk

I am so crushing over you and I keep trying to guess what you think about me. I wonder what is the first thought that comes to your mind when you hear my name from your friends.
~ Joan Tellies

No matter how madly you are obsessing over a crush, don't fall for anyone who treats you like just another ordinary person. You are special and you need to be treated that way.
~ Fiona Orris

Cute Crush Quotes
Cute Crush Quotes
Even if you fall in love with them you will never happen to regret that decision. That is because no matter what it turns out like, for those years, months, days or moments, they are the source of love and that is all we need.
~ Bianca Lorna

I find you cute because
of the hundreds of sweet little things that you keep doing even without realizing it. But I have them all stored like treasures in my heart and I will open them when you are mine.
~ Kelly Burns

At night, I stay up thinking of so many possibilities that could happen between us. I keep guessing what to do and what to say. I want you so badly.
~ Yolanda Mike

You look so cute, my eyes find it hard to get off you. Your smile turns my night into day. I cannot believe I am so crushing over you.
~ Jewel Shred

From the start of the morning to the dusk, my mind is thinking about you. There is so much of obsession, love, romance and magic. I can hardly ever stop this.
~ Merlin Phoenix

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How to behave in front of your crush:
Behavior is very important to all of us and the way we behave either gets us accepted or rejected. You need to be yourself yes, but then there are some things that can help you get the crush of your dreams faster. Here are three things that are listed down:

1. Talking:
Conversations are the backbone of relationships and they are a way that the heart expresses its feelings. Make sure that your speech is pleasing and that you use the lingo that your crush uses often or is fond of using. (Unless they are cuss words, cause that might reduce your respect)

2. Humor:
They say that laughter is the best medicine in life. That is true and its such a good thing to have a good sense of humor. It puts people at ease and makes you more bendable. Sometimes you do not even need good looks, a sense of humor can work wonders for you. You can get jokes online if you do not have it naturally.

3. Care:
A person who cares is valued a lot. Even if you can keep tabs on important things that matter to your crush they will find that cute and that is half of the battle won.

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