Cute smile quotes

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Even when there is no one around, a smile can be a cute indicator of the fact that you are in a good mood.
~ Bernard Beguine

No matter which language you speak, everyone understands the true meaning of smile. It communicates everything that a heart wants to express and understand.
~ Troy Ferris

You may forget to wear a good looking dress, your makeup, shoes and accessories, but you must never forget to wear a genuine smile. No good look is complete without it.
~ Ryan Tan

Have you ever seen a
smiling  face that was not beautiful? Every smile is like a ray of sunshine, brightening every corner and every mind that it is shared to.
~ Lucas Starts
Cute smile quotes
Cute smile quotes

Cute smile quotes

You could use dumbbells to exercise your arms. You can use the treadmill to exercise the body. But do you know the way to exercise the most important muscle? Its the heart and the exercise is through a smile.
~ Dace Jain

It is not expensive and costs just nothing to the individual who freely gives it. But its power is such that the one who receives it is enriched. A moment of smile can last in memories for a life time.
~ Billy Mons

A smile can transform a dull place into a wonderful world. A wounded heart can find shelter behind the warmth of a sweet smile. There are few things in life that can instantly make you feel better. One of them is smile.
~ Evan Bird

A genuine smile which gushes from the heart and lands on the lips can change a opponent to a loving friend. The power of a natural smile can never be undermined.
~ Josiah Bib

Don't let the worries and struggles of this life steal your smile. It is a precious gift that is just not worth loosing. Keep smiling and your worries will be gone.
~ Hayden Mao

Search for a reason to smile. It is a window which gives a glimpse to a wonderful heart. Like a tree which provides shade to the travelers, it provides comfort to those in need.
~ Logan Eon

Love is a feeling that very few can fully understand and completely communicate. But a simple smile is enough to give it away. It can cause hearts to flutter and get excited. It is the sweetest expression of all.
~ Alexander Flinch

As you smile through troubles and tribulations you will soon realize that they have vanished into thin air. It takes faith to smile when times are not good and faith is a powerful weapon which can turn situations around.
~ Charles Seasons

My greatest satisfaction from sending you quotes, texts, poems and working so hard is just to see a smile on your face. That is my reward and that is all I will ever ask you for.
~ Carlos Mona

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