Cute things to say

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The sweetest pain you will ever feel is when I hug you a little tight and the only time I will fight is when they say someone else is cuter than you.
~ Janelle Lopez

Your smile blooms better than the flowers in the garden. Your face looks brighter than the stars in the night. But more than all these it is your loving heart which makes me want to love you forever.
~ Troy Memphis

That day when we said good bye and you left, I was in thoughts about our old memories. Then when I saw the watch more than 45 minutes had passed by and I was still there. That is how much I love you.
~ Shawn Tintoretto

Cute things to say
When I first met you, I had no idea
that this was about to happen. I always thought you were cute but just did not know about the future. This is the cutest love story I know of.
~ Giselle Slain

I wonder what life would be without you and then I try to imagine hot summer days without any AC or cold winter day without any sweater. I think life without you will be worse than that.
~ Ron Merchant

They say sometimes you don't even have to tell a person how much you love them. All you need to do is just let them stare into your eyes to know their heart... Have a look and see who is in my heart.
~ John Wright

I am sick and this problem refuses to leave me. When I go to sleep, I cannot help but think about you. When I wake up in the morning the first thought in my mind is you. Please stop being so cute.
~ Emma Waters

Flowers look cute but you look cuter, the stars look bright but your face glows brighter. I could say so many things but I know its of no use, because you are far more beautiful than what I say.
~ Tina Lowe

My dream was to become a millionaire one day and have all the riches of the world. I didn't know I would become one so soon. Your smile itself is worth a million dollars and there is nothing else I need.
~ Veronica Weiss

This love that we share is unique and just cannot happen with anyone else. I know that because I have heard that you fall in real true love only once.
~ Tao San

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