Cute family quotes

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Can you find love greater than that of a mother? Bond greater than that of a brother? Will you ever find a man more influential than your father? These are relationships that can only be found in a family.
~ Rene Mart
A smile from a stranger lasts in memory for a day, a kind word from someone you know lasts for a week. But when you receive a blessing or a hug from your family, its memory lasts for a lifetime.
~ Garfield Ram

We know not when our last day
on earth is, neither do we know about it for our family members. Remember that this day will never come back so make the most of it and let your family know how much you love them.
Cute family quotes
One of my favorite times was to sit on the dinner table after all food and eating was over, just listening to my grandmothers stories. She was the best and will always live in my memories.
~ Troy McGuire

Cute family quotes

You could try and escape, go as far as you want and say all the worse things that English language has. But the love of family can overcome it all if they stand united.
~ Jimmy Hi

We didn't get to decide who our family members would be but we can make a choice to pour in love into our relations. We can make the bond stronger and better. Family is forever.
~ Stellar Doris

A house is made of bricks, cement and mortar, but its the presence and love of a family which transforms the lifeless place into a lively home.
~ Thelma Vi

You may feel angry with your family at times but remind yourself of all the good things you have because of your family. They are the reason why you live.
~ Cameron Thud

When a friends back stabs you and your lover dissapoints you, your family is your main source of refuge. They will comfort and rescue you when you are feeling low.
~ William Jello

Do you remember the times when your father would inspire you and correct you? Even those times when your mother used to love and comfort you. Those are the times which shaped your personality and character.
~ Homer Corn

You can look at a man and understand the type of family he comes from. Any lack or quality can be attributed to family because they are the ones who are closest.
~ Lowe Thornton

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What to do when I get irritated with my family?
Yes, there are times when we get irritated and angered with our families but we need to curb it. more so with our family because we have to live with them and stay connected to them. even if we decide to run away we will still need to stay connected to them. Even if we cut that we will always be asked about our family. The way to curb it is 1. Remind yourself of the good things that they have done. 2. Try to improve the situation somehow rather than fighting back and creating a ruckus. 3. Identify triggers which actually make you fight and avoid them. 4. Be extra good and involve your mind in doing good for them and then you will see it coming back to you somehow. 5. Remember them as a solution rather than as a problem.

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