Cute flirty quotes

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I know when the time is naughty o'clock just by gazing in your eyes. When I see that twinkle of mischief, I understand where we are heading.
~ Gerald Voyage

If I had a dollar for every time I smiled secretly having you in my mind I think my bank account would show up millions.
~ Elijah Stone

I need to call the emergency number now because you are just breaking all laws by looking so so darn HOT!
~ Arden Rock

Cute flirty quotes
Cute flirty quotes
I have a
request and need just this one favor. Speak a word to me so that I can tell everyone that the most beautiful angel I saw spoke to me.
~ Ryan Jam

Flirty Messages

Stealing is illegal in this country. Please let me check on you because I think you robbed my heart. At least I am hundred percent sure that you took my breathe away!
~ Benjamin Carter

I saw a garden full of flowers which was so beautiful and fragrant. I watched the night sky lying on the grass by a waterfall  and it was gorgeous and I would have thought those are the most beautiful things, but then I met you!
~ Vincent Robe

The sweetest thing you do is when you look at me and are in your own world smiling. Then when you get caught and look away feeling shy. I like that!
~ Max Ram

When I look at you, something happens and then I just cannot stop looking at your sweet face, those innocent eyes and those luscious lips. You are a complete package.
~ Sam Daugherty

I wonder how many people you have killed with that smoking HOT smile today.
~ Rock Jim's

I was trying to send you the cutest thing in the world but then the post office people asked me step out. Damn!
~ Shellac Mumford

Mister! You are the cutest one that I have seen today and hence I shall look at you and soon make you mine.
~ Robert Schulz

You are so breath ta-kingly take my breathe away and I think I am going to suffer from Asthma. lol
~ Jim Morris

From the time we met until now, everything seems so magical and even though its been so many years. You are one of the best things that happened in this boring life of mine.
~ Candace Berry

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How to flirt with your wife / Husband (Better tips in one paragraph)
First of all your attitude matters. Flirting is casual and your attitude needs to portray that. You need to laid back and easy and no one can help you do that except yourself. A good sense of humor always goes a long way and will help a lot. You need to enjoy it, be epic and awesome without any pressure at all.
The key here is to drive the focus on the other person. While a few funny one liners about yourself can be good but keeping the focus on them will make them feel special. Remember to compliment them on their looks or subtle things about their personality that you may know. Teasing gently is also a good idea.
All these ingredients together can cook up a sweet flirtatious contact. Last but not the least, keep them wanting for more.

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