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Today we will show you how to create beautiful nail art designs which will make people stare at your nails. Plus we have some really creative pictures for you including the minions. Nail art makes you look cute and adds to the beauty of your ensemble.  If you do this right, the compliments will keep flowing and your nails will be the center of attraction. This art is repeatable and you could do these for your girlfriends too. Let us show you step by step how to do it with ease.

Cute shoe nails

Cute Nail Designs

1. Clean your nails:
If you had any nail polish which
you put up previously, its time to make way for a brand new one. So make sure that you clear the old stuff away and have squeaky clean nails. Your nails should look like a clean and transparent as they naturally are. Use a nail polish remover or any other product that you currently use.

2. Need more space on your nails:
Next step is to make sure that your nails are not too short. It may not be a real problem but it is always better to have bigger, longer nails. That is like having more canvas to draw on. Longer nails are best for nail art depending on the type of design that is to be made. Make sure that the edges are properly shaped according to the needs of the design.
Cute PAC Man design
If you need a round shaped for the PAC man nail design then the top edge of your nail will be semi rounded because it should resemble the original design. Look at the PAC man above:
The two points above are standard for any nail design that you will want to do. Now lets look at specific designs that you may be interested in. Each of these designs start from simple to intermediate to complex and beautiful. They are all doable if you follow them with patience.

1. Creating dot and flower nail designs:
i. First lets begin with the dot and background colors. Choose a color for the background and make sure that it stands out. The color usually used by most people are yellow, red, white, black, gold, green, maroon etc. You can choose your favorite color. If you want it to look cute make sure you use a light background. If you want to look Gothic then black is the way to go.
ii. Now take a pointed object like (NOT something that will hurt you) a tooth pick or anything else that you cam find. Dip it in the paint of your choice and then start applying it to your nails. This should start to look nice now. The size of the dot and color completely depends on your choice. You can make as many as you wish to.
iii. Flower is easy to make. Just as you made one dot, make 6 dots - one big dot in the center and the other 5 around the center dot. That will make it look like petals.
Note: Don't make too many in one place and space them out evenly. For a start go with one flower per nail.

2. Creating Facebook Nails:

i. Use the color that Facebook uses as its background. The color is solid dark blue. Make sure that the background is not left wet before moving forward.
ii. As mentioned previously, if you have long nails this will be a good exercise. So color the top tips of your nails with lighter shade of blue as seen in the pic.
iii. Now make the famous f for Facebook logo and you are set to get likes and cheerful comments on your latest photo update on Facebook.

Similarly, you can make other social networks like YouTube, Twitter, blogger nail design too.

Let us now look at the top 3 nail design pictures which are cute and creative besides the 6 above.
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