Cute missing you quotes

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Even though years have passed by and I know that you have moved on in life, sometimes I still remember you. I remember it all like it was yesterday. You will always be a memory locked in my heart.
~ Sophia Salt

The distance between us has increased so much but my feelings are still stuck with you. Thinking of you is a sickness I cannot find a remedy to.
~ Madeline Winner

When you miss someone your mind is where you are presently. The problem is that your heart still beats where the other person is.
~ Lily Thomas

Love is that inexpressible feeling that makes
us miss someone. It could be your mother, daddy, sister or brother. But the toughest part is when you miss your fiance or wife.
~ Kayla June
Cute missing you quotes
Cute Missing you quotes

Cute missing you quotes

Every moment that is passing by is killing me because your thoughts just refuse to come out of my mind. They are so glued to my head. Please! Let's meet soon baby.
~ Isabella Mohorovicic

That day when we last met, it was like I forgot to carry my heart back with me. Now every time it beats, I remember you and just can't seem to get you out of my mind.
~ Hal Sumter

Sometimes when I miss you badly, the only way to re live moments with you is either read our chats or look at your pictures. Then I don't even understand how time passes by. But afterwards I miss you again.
~ Eleanor Plane
There is no cure for this feeling called "missing someone". The only medicine is to either meet soon or talk on the phone. I need you to do it as soon as possible.
~ Abigail Kenneth

I wish I could tele-port or fly or disappear and re appear. I wish I could do any of that to remove this distance between us.
~ Layla Hope

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The remedies to missing a person
To repel a strong attraction, you need to get something more attractive to take over your mind. What you would need to do is find something that you are really emotionally connected to and make it your focus. This will help you to take your mind off that person and passionately pursue another activity. This is a really good way to get someone off your mind.
It could be a sport or a hobby. It could be a television series or playing online games. Make sure that you remove all things that remind you of that person. Free your surroundings from all those things that clutter your mind. Then you will be able to free yourself completely. It may not be easy but then it is better than getting stuck thinking about that person and bearing the distance.

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