Looking for love quotes

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I am looking for love. Not the ordinary fling which starts today and ends tomorrow morning. I am done with that and I'm looking for the real caring, kind and faithful lasting love.
~ Joyner Palms
You don't need to settle for
the second best. Search until your dreams come true and you get the one you have been searching for. Finding true love is worth the effort.
~ Rogers Vera

Looking for love quotes

I searched for you in the city restaurant and I searched for you in the bars. I searched for you in the usual hangout places and I searched you in the parks. I still haven't found you and my search will continue.
~ Stephen Lamb
Looking for love quotes
Looking for love quotes
We search in a season and
find in another season. that is how life has always worked. They plant seeds in a season, they water and care for it in another and finally bear fruits in another season.
~ Timberland Mac

Some people find it easily while others have to wait and search longer. There is no perfect recipe for love and if we did there wouldn't be any fun in it, Isn't it?
~ Jim Onus
I have searched the one I really like. I think I am in love and as I try my best to be loving and kind, I find that I am falling more and more in love with her.
~ Rob Yard
"Wanted by many...taken by none...looking at some...waiting for the one."

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What about when I am looking for love?
Looking for love is a task that does not have a formula. Some people find it sooner than others.
Here are certain things that you may want to do when in the search of love.

1. Trial and error:
Since there is no sure way to get love, make sure that you keep trying. On the way you may make some mistakes which is OK. Keep trying out new ways and new things and don't give up.
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2. Increase your circle:
Your circle of friends and your contacts are very important when searching for love. Let your friends know that you are searching for true love. Many have found love through friends.

3. Never give up:
This is just not an option. You can take it easy and stop for sometime for a break but don't you ever give up on love because when you finally find it, you will know that it has been well worth the effort.

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