Best Love Quotes

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The best of love stories are not made of words or paragraphs but are made out of feelings, emotions, laughter, happiness and YOU.
~ Best Love Quotes

I look at the stars and get lost into memories about you. It reminds me of  the times when we just stood by the beach staring up holding hands. The best times of my life.
~ Tina Dorothy

It's crazy how you manage to make me fall in love with you every day. I cannot remember a single day when I did not think or dream about you. You make everything so special.
~ Neil James
Best Love Quotes
When you are in love with someone, every day
is a new happy chapter in the book of romance. You can create story after story and read the book again and again.
~ Ulorica Meme

Best Love Quotes

Whenever you stare at your phone and start blushing, let the person behind it be me. I want to be the man behind every happy thing that happens to you my love.
~ Michael Onion

Being in love with just anybody is something I could never imagine. That would end up dead and broken. It's not about being in love but falling in love with YOU that makes it so precious.
~ Lane Tinsel

When you brush your hair with your hands, that is one of the most beautiful sight to see. You are the loveliest person I have ever met.
~ Robin Morals

It's funny how it all began with a smile and ended up with the best times of my life. I will always cherish these beautiful moments that we make whenever and wherever we go.
~ Zenith Rosa

When you walk by I can sense the goodness around and almost instantly fall in love with you. You make everything feel so good in love.
~ Finesse Baldric

Every step of the way I want to show you that my love is not about just talking and saying that I love you. It's about doing things that make you truly believe my words.
~ Carol Benton

This relationship took me a lot of time to build. It was not easy and it took time, effort and every bit of me to make it successful and happy.
~ Ion Mc Lean

The reason for writing these best love quotes
My name is Wolston and I write these quotes so that people may find love in their relationships. Please do not use them for lustful activities. Love is far greater than lust. Lust is temporary but love lasts for a lifetime. God almighty himself is the source of all love.

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  1. its imposbl to describe the depth ,felling,emotins, cuteness of your writing the whole amazing words are just not enough for you ur amazing .god bless you <3

  2. miss Thandiwe kasinja from malawi3 February 2014 at 12:36

    Amazing wonderful stories......!

  3. i mow grass as my profession and i gave one of these poems to one of my clients and she liked it so much that she gave me an extra $5 dollars as a tip.... thanks you rule.

    1. That is so cool buddy! I am glad I could help you out in such a way. This is probably the first time something like this has happened.

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