Cute Christmas Quotes

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Here are some cute Christmas quotes for you. Have a merry Christmas!

Christmas is not just a day but it is an act. Every time we are kind to someone, every instance that we show love to someone, every time we make someone happy, it is Christmas!
~ Henrietta Vaduz
Cute Christmas Quotes
Cute Christmas Quotes
When Santa comes to visit me I will ask him to give away all my presents to you. You have stood by me when I needed you the most. Wish you a merry Christmas!
~ Celesta Jose

Christmas is that time of the year when everything turns beautiful. Joy is in the air and there is this wonderful feeling which lives in every heart. I hope this feeling changes your life for good.
~ Cecil Morales

Though it is cold outside but my heart is warm with soft joy. I think about the Christmases we have spent together and wish I could spend this one with you. Have a Merry Christmas!
~ Helena Moses

Christmas comes once a year as a reminder to us about baby Jesus who came to save us from our sins. I hope he blesses you and your family this season with love and happiness.
~ Abigail Sean

It is such a joy to have this season every year because it signifies the birth of a child. Children are the greatest gift to mankind. They are pure, loving and gentle just like Christmas.
~ Reyna Won

Those presents that are below the Christmas tree mean nothing to me. What really matters are the people gathered around the tree with happy faces whom I call family. They bring warmth to my heart.
~ Elizabeth Ross

There are so many things and events that happen around us but the one day that really drives us to do something for others is Christmas. It's a day to forget about ourselves and focus on making others happy.
~ Rosa Lane

I have Christmas carols playing in the background. I see children playing out there in the snow making snowman. Oh that season of cheer and merriment is back!
~ Sabrina Mystic

Today I am far away from home in a distant land on Christmas. Suddenly I realize that Christmas is not about the decoration and other things. It is about love, family, friends and Jesus Christ.
~ Lucy Might

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