Cute Little Quotes

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If we make it a point to love and care for people around us for even an hour every day, it would build up a habit and make this world a better place.
~ Anthony Laves

Loving you is like being on a cloud, I love every bit of it and I feel so happy. You make me go higher with every smile.
~ Tristan Soy

You came into my life and taught me what it is like to have joy in my heart without any reason. You are my sweetest love.
~ Norad Stole
Cute Little Quotes
Even when I close my eyes, your
face shines bright in front of my eyes. You have made my life so lovely.
~ Oscar Walls

Cute Little Quotes

Don't ignore the power of a little smile, a kind word or a sweet action. Any of these can transform the lives of the people you do these things to.
~ Sean Miles

There are so many people who do not have a meal to eat or a friend to call their own. Be happy and cherish the things and people in your life even if they are few.
~ Robin Major

Kindness begins with a simple thought and love begins with a sweet heart. You should keep growing both in yourself.
~ Ellington Billy

Surrender and let God almighty take over all the problems and worries that you are facing today. You go and have a happy day.
~ Vince Roy

When you are having a tough time remember that its just a bad day not a bad life. Goodness will find you soon.
~ Carol Maisie

Live and love is in the present, past is nothing more than a whiff of memory in the mind. Let it teach but not govern you.
~ Geller Mills

God, friends, family and music make life so much more easier. They are the best part of life. I focus on these only.
~ William streets

We don't need reasons to be good to someone. As long as we have air to breathe and life in our body, goodness should flow through us.
~ Dylan Myriad

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