Happy love quotes

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Read these cute and happy love quotes which will bring out the best feelings and emotions in your life.

The best feeling when you are in a relationship comes when you love someone with all your heart, mind and soul and they love you back even more. Nothing can beat that kind of happiness.
Whenever I am with you I find untold happiness that I have never experienced in life. You make me laugh and bring me up when I am feeling down.
~ Aimee Sawyer

Happy love quotes

Just looking at your smile makes my entire day become happier. You are the reason why there is so much more enthusiasm and excitement in my life than ever before. I love you!
~ Veronica Shaw
Happy love quotes
Happy love quotes
All I ever wanted was to live a normal life. But then when you came, you changed everything with the big heart that yo have. You made me realize how much better life can truly be.
~ Amber White

Do what takes you closer to your destiny and love it with all your heart. Do it so that happiness comes to you every other day and you will find that happiness is in you.
~ Loyola Vincent

Let happiness make its home in your heart. That is possible only when you let love live in your soul. Let love be the reason why you do things in life and push any instance of hate far away.
~ Tanya Ross

There have been so many instances where I had to pretend to be happy with people. But now I don't have to because when I am with you I am always happy from within.
~ Bianca Ale

If everything is going well with you make sure that you do not ruin it with fights and arguments. They are like thorns in a garden full of roses. Live life happily and everything else will be fine.
~ Stephanie Wong

Make love and being happy a part of your daily routine. Everyday when you wake up, make that your motto or habit and then you will find that thee world turns beautiful for you.
~ Anita Ray

Living your life with the one that makes you happy is good. Most friends make us happy and joyful but spend time with those who cannot be happy without you. They are the ones who truly love.
~ Alhena Boise

There are few things in life that make me happy as much as you do. I love you with all my heart.
~ Tony Bong

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