Easter Quotes and sayings

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Easter is coming soon on April 20th this year and so here are some Easter Quotes for 2014. These quotes will help you come closer to Jesus.

Death and Satan tried but could not hold him any longer,
he proved that though evil seemed strong, he was stronger.
Darkness tried but could not overtake the beautiful light,
no matter how powerful the wrong, victory is for the right.
Easter Quotes
Easter Quotes
Easter is not just a day but a way of life. We all need to live as witnesses to the fact that he lives in and through us in every good deed and work that we do in his name.
~ Emily Viz

May this Easter bring untold happiness and joy in your life knowing that
even when we feel like giving up, there is still hope for resurrection. Happy Easter!
~ Erie Light

Easter Quotes

Our God is not the one of the dead but of the living. He dies for our sins but then arose again, alive for ever more as Lord and savior to all who believe in him.
~ Isabella Donnie

When everything seemed like it had come to an end, a ray of light arose from the horizon. It was not something ordinary but the king of kings and the Lord of Lords himself.
~ Maisie Brown

Easter is that time of the year when there are celebrations and happiness. It is even better because there was mourning before but sadness has turned into gladness.
~ Donald Bones

Like a pleasant surprise after days of agony, the Lord showed up to his chosen ones. He has risen and lives beyond time and distances. Oh what a great God we serve!
~ Jamie Wright

It was tough for us on Good Friday, our hearts were full of sorrow,
but looking back in memory with Easter has brought joys for tomorrow.
~ Leon Boom

The best thing about Good Friday and Easter is that because our holy God walked to Calvary alone... we never have to. We always have the love of God almighty with us.
~ Genie Sons

This is the day where death tried to put truth and life into a tomb but could not keep it there for three days.
~ Titania Lowe

Do you think this life is all we have and after that we die and all life fails?
I believe differently because I believe in resurrection, there is a second tale.
~ Royal Banks

Today reminds me that I should not give up on good things in life. If one dream seems to die it does not mean that it won't rise again.
~ Hal Rogers

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