First Love Quotes

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First love is an amazement that seems breath taking. It is like splendid beauty a person experiences in their heart. It is like the perfect time in life when everything is going right.
~ Sheila Jordan
Everything about you was appealing to me. The way you smiled, your funny jokes and pranks; and your chivalry. My heart was hit by cupids arrow and that is how I fell in love for the very first time.
~ Layla Tweed

Music was in my ears, the
sun was shining brightly and I was on the 7th sky. That was the day when we started this beautiful journey. I will never forget my first love.
~ Hallie Darcy
First Love Quotes
First Love Quotes
Those were some of the most beautiful days. Looking back I could trade every other thing in my life to have one more special day with the first love of my life.
~ Nellie Swan

It is funny how when we first fall in love, we want it to last forever like a fairy tale with a happy ending. Even though it may not last forever, it is one of my favorite memories.
~ Shelby Fawn

Very few things in life remain in mind as fresh as yesterday. First love is the best among them.
~ Dolores White

The beauty of first love is that there is so much passion in it. There is fire there like none other. Though we may find so many others who love us through life, the first love will always be the best.
~ Abyss Morning

I think that second love is more important than the first love. That is because when you broke up for the first time and felt you could never fall in love again, the second person revived your broken heart.
~ Lexis Jean

Though I see you with someone else right now, my heart tells me that somehow I can still have back in my life.You are a dream I want to live again.
~ Wilma Oyster

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