Cute birthday quotes

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It just comes once a year and so I want to make this the best day of your life so far. Let's make every hour in this day special. Happy birthday sweetheart!
~ Ralph hoe

Birthday Quotes
Every year that you grow older you learn something new. Cherish the happy moments, forget the worst ones and make the most of every thing. Happy Birthday!
~ Mira Minster

My gift for you this year are not clothes, watches or gadgets. They are simply wishes for a happy and fun filled year ahead.
~ Marine Joseph

As each year passes
you by, I hope your happiness level keeps increasing. Keep checking off items from your dream list so that in the coming years you can happily believe you killed it and lived a good life. Happy birthday!
~ Ethan Hope
Birthday Quotes
Birthday Quotes

Birthday quotes

This day is the start to something epic. I know you are very happy but don't let this die here. Carry your birthday to all the other days of this year and have an awesome year ahead!
~ Darwin Pulp

I bring you flowers of hope, breathe of fresh inspiration and faith filled fruits for breakfast. Let this bouquet of love fill your life with fragrance and let your life turn into a wonderful happy story. Happy birthday!
~ Milo Denis

Have fun with your friends, make merry and enjoy all the good times. You know who your friends are when its your birthday, all of them will phone you up just so they can eat the cake. lol
~ August Comrade

Though I am far away from you, you are still afresh in my mind and I can see you smiling. I hope this day brings you a lot of happiness and gifts from all your friends and family. Have a great day!
~ Odin Mali

Its just an excuse to party. You and I both wait for  364 days for this day to come and now that it has finally arrived, I want to party like a rock star. Happy Birthday Champ!
~ Cleveland Bore

Count all your gifts and blessings today and let a smile come across your face. Forget the past and prepare for a future that is full of happy moments.
~ Elwood John

So many years ago you were born to bring happiness to friends and grief to your enemies. You are doing an awesome job at both. Let's celebrate to that today. Cheers!
~ Riven Bill

This year I hope you receive all you need and loose one thing. The numbers in your age - Cheers!
~ Alton Mona

When the little birdie grows up, it turns into a big and beautiful eagle. It is ready to fly high and conquer the world with its wings. Happy birthday my charming eagle. Have a good one!
~ Tames flare

My favorite friend in all the world... You are the rock star who brought happiness not only to your parents but to us and everyone else. Have a good one!
~ Silas Ling

I hope each and everything you touch this year turns into a reason for happiness. This year be a year of excitement and crazy fun. Happy birthday!
~ Gordon Bison

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How to make a birthday special?
If you wish to make someones birthday special, you need to get creative. To make someone feel special you need to think out of the box. That will help you come up with ideas most others have not thought of and so what you present to the birthday person will be special. Let us look at some of the things that you can do in order to make that special day extra sweet for the person.
1. Special cards: There are many places which sell birthday cards but have you considered sending a card online? There are couple of websites which do that but search for funny ones and there are ones which are really cute. Many of such cards sites will also let you put your face and the birthday person's face in the card. That will make it extra special for them.
2. Uncommon gifts: There are sites which sell uncommon gifts. Things that usually are not bought by people and are really creative. Check them out and though they may cost a bit, are totally worth it.
3. Poems or personalized stuff: If you do not wish to spend then, you can pick up a poem and just write a few lines. Alternatively, you can also personalize quotes keeping them in mind or simply rhyme with words that are special to them. Besides, remember that giving many little things can also make a person feel special.
More than anything else, though remember to give genuine love and appreciation to the birthday person.

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