Nurses Quotes and sayings

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Most nurses and doctors strive hard to provide healthcare to the best of their knowledge. This page is dedicated to Nurses quotes and sayings to provide them with encouragement.

There is no one who cares more for patients than a nurse does. There are so many people out there suffering and the only comfort they have is a nurse.
~ Jason Lowe

Almost like a mother who cares for her children does a nurse help the sick and wounded people. It is more than just a profession, it is a example to follow.

The job of a nurse goes beyond medicines and prescriptions. They help ease the sadness and amplify the joys in life. Doctors can operate and prescribe but
only a nurse takes care of the details.
~ Lavender Noah
Nurses Quotes
Nurses Quotes
We only see and know the few good things about nurses but their job involves things like cleaning peoples excretions and things like that. They deserve much more respect than they are given.
~ Gareth Knight

Being a nurse is not just a job, its a superpower. It requires having patience and understanding of things that people tend to overlook.
~ Anselm Toy

Surprising how waitresses receive tips to get water and nurses who clean, care and be kind to patients get yelled at. There needs to be more love for nurses than that.
~ Vanessa Bass

The job of a nurse never becomes easy with time. It is just that the nurse becomes stronger with years and situations.
~ Tim Sawyer

A nurses job is nothing ordinary. They touch lives and transform people everyday with a human touch. There are patients who have no one to call family, but a nurse for those days becomes one.
~ Jean Tory

Patients who were treated with love and care by a nurse in the hospital never forget the kindness shown to them. They become fans for life.
~ Valentine Buzz

Nursing is a job that requires quite the fortitude of a soldier, sharpness of a marine commando and caring kindness of a mother. Why consider them ordinary?
~ Oyster Barnes

Sometimes nurses have to deal with rude and unruly patients and family members. Their job is tough but nurses do it with a smile.
~ Adana Bill

Most often it is not how you look or the way you talk but how you make you people feel that they remember. Treat people just like a nurse does in kindness and they will never forget you.
~ Handel Tune

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