Romantic Love Quotes

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Sometimes you may want to run away after doing something wrong. I want you to know that no matter what I will always be there for you with open arms and a forgiving heart.
~ Jerome Guile

Nothing is better than having someone who is adventurous and patient in love. You are so much fun and are yet so caring and gentle. The perfect person I could ask for.
~ Bella Tong

The stars twinkle and light up the
night sky and the sun brightens up the horizon but more brighter than these is your smile. I just love it every time you smile.
~ Riley Jose
Romantic Love Quotes
I need you completely 100% in my life and I cannot do with anything less. It's like needing air to breathe. Having less than 100% could destroy me.
~ James Rosette

The day we met I was amazed and mesmerized. I knew that day that there is something in you that I really need badly. But now I realize it wasn't something, but you completely.
~ Diana Beige

Before meeting you I though I would need to be at the most beautiful place and have a good time to fall in love. After meeting you, every place and every time is a good time for love.
~ Tamara Sue

Staying together in a relationship may be difficult and we have our own share of problems but there is no way I can let us go apart.
~ Patrick Law
After falling in love with you, I now understand better about the things that are beautiful inside me. You see me in ways that I have never seen myself.
~ Lloyd Gangs

Some words are beautiful and some are breath taking, but all of the English words cannot completely describe the love I have for you.
~ Marple Tariff

If I could turn the hands of time, I would go back to the day we decided to break up. I would have asked you for a second chance.
~ Jean Beguine

Wherever there is a little love and kindness shown, there I remember you. You are not only the one I love but also one of the kindest people I have ever met.
~ Olive Light

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