Family love quotes

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Here are some beautiful family love quotes just for you. They are all special and make you feel the connection to your family.

My family is the best blessing I have received from God almighty. I work hard and may have problems in life but no matter how hard the situation is my family helps me come out victorious.
~ Tiara Jones

You are a hero even if you don't feel like one. When you provide for your family and take care of everyone, you are saving your little world which is precious and important. Never forget that.
~ Roger Maine

Family love quotes

Family: A loving combination of a father who is concerned about bread, money and rice. The kids are concerned about games and dice and the mother is concerned with looking pretty and nice.
~ William Peterson
Family quotes
Family love
Family is a place where
the greatest education is received. They teach you things through examples which can never be completely understood in classroom.
~ Jefferson Otter

Be grateful and thankful for the blessing of a good family. There are millions of people who were born orphans, have been raised in broken families or simply don't have one.
~ Anton Larsen
There is no poverty in life when you have a loving, peaceful, happy family. They are a gift which cannot be bought nor traded for gold.
~ Ryan Dunn

I am a very busy person who has a lot of work. The only happiness I experience is when I pass by at home and see my family smiling, hugging, loving and happy.
~ Daniel Smith

I sit with my grandmother quietly as she tells me the stories about my great grandfather and what they used to do. It's a legacy I love, a part of the world which I have never seen but still feel connected to.
~ Mark Simpson

Family comes first. In a world full of unknown faces which do not care, the family comes in with all the love that there is to be found.
~ Timothy Kennedy

It is amazing when I think of it - I would have never spoken a word to these people whom I know and care for so intimately if they were not my family.
~ Matthew Holley

Don't let the fire of love ever go out for your family. Stay strong and be a provider, give as much as you can and love them with all your heart.
~ Paul Kipling

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