Nice love quotes

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Seeing you makes my mind run quicker, heart beat faster and my whole life exciting. You multiply my happiness, love and joy.
~ Jennifer Marcus

Nice love quotes

I fell in love with you when you smiled and said Hi for the first time. But the reason why I want to be with you is that you have a caring heart and are a gentle person.
~ Wendi Mayor

When the electricity power went
out many days ago I was just thinking that without you my life is like an empty room in darkness. You are the one who lights it up with love.
~ Manor Royce

Nice love quotes
Nice love quotes
I see so many couple break up and realize that you don't need to be good looking or the best. All you need is understanding and love for a relationship to bloom.
~ Ruth Tamale

All a plant needs is water and sunlight to grow. In the same way all a relationship needs is a bit of fun and two nice people and a lot of love.
~ Autumn Ivan

Love the person who is in your life with all your heart. Life is short and we do not know the day or the time we leave. Love them like it was the last day. That is when true love will flow.
~ Darlene Oscar

I love everything about you - the way you laugh, smile and make my heart go higher. You are a gift that I have unwrapped and will keep in my heart forever.
~ Carly Bose

Saying words is good but showing it to the ones you love through actions is a better way to love. Make your love felt to your loved ones and life will be beautiful.
~ Cassia Onus

When you are forced to become sad due to tough circumstances remember that I am always there for you. You are never alone and don't have to face your problems alone.
~ Catherine Doth

After meeting you, my life has turned around. It has become a dream that I live everyday. These are one of the best days of my life and I they will turn into memories like a beautiful picture.
~ Astride Moe

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