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True love shows up when you know that the other person has made mistakes but you forgive them anyway. Love shadows all faults and makes up for all misdeeds with kindness.
~ True love quotes

The day I met you was when I experienced true love and this is a feeling that I never want to let go. I want to keep this in my heart forever.
~ Gillian Winston

My love for you is beautiful and
it will never fade away because true love has no ending. It continues to live in the hearts of those whom it touches with a gentle romance.
~ Holly Foe
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True love quotes

True love thoughts

When you are touched by love, all you can see is the one you really like. Everything and everyone else seems to have disappeared into oblivion. Those memories always remain inside the heart.
~ Dane Rebel

Hearts have a language that they speak and that is called love. Love is always innocent and honest. It can never lie, cheat or slander. When it speaks, it brings happiness peace and goodness.
~ Colin Roller

Do you know how much you mean to me? You are like the priceless pearls which are found under the ocean which shine brightly with a light that never fades.
~ Willis Stone

Trust is the beginning of the relationship. When you said "I trust you more than anyone else" I knew that love was near by even though we were just friends.
~ Warden Stanford

I was by the lake when I saw the most beautiful thing: An elderly husband and wife were there in silence and I thought to myself that they were bored of each other after all these years. But then I went ahead and saw that they were holding hands. True love never dies.
~ Toby McCoy

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