Inspirational quotes about love

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I want everyone who reads this to get inspired and find love in their lives. They have been written originally by me with much care and emotions. If you like them then remember that you can subscribe by email to get such quotes every week without any charge.

1. Love should not be something that is forgettable. It should be exciting, sudden like a gasp of breathe and fun like a roller coaster ride. If it isn't, inspire yourselves and work towards it.

2. Sometimes you only get one shot at it. Take the risk and say what your heart wants to say. It's like that once in a lifetime opportunity. Grab it with your heart and mind.

3. Don't just choose someone who
looks good or is very wealthy. Go for a good person, one who will try their best to keep you happy and life exciting. That is something no good looking person nor any rich man can buy.
Inspirational quotes about love
Inspirational quotes about love
4. Love should not become boring or something we take for granted after a few years. Keep the fire alive and do all it takes. After all you find true love once in a life time.

5. Some love stories are so addictive and exciting that you simply cannot forget them. The only difference is that some people read them and some live them. Which one are you?

6. People often do not realize that they would love the same person a thousand times over if they were to leave them and go away or die. Don't wait until its too late.

7. Once you have found true love, grab it with both hands and never let it go. There are millions of people who are searching on the internet and many other places but never seem to find it.

8. You have Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and so many tools at your disposal. You even have card makers and others. There is nothing that should stop you from making love romantic.

9. Be a person of excellence in everything you do and then you will be a source of inspiration to everyone including your loved one. He or she will never forget how amazing you are!

10. Make it a point to surprise your lover when life gets boring. You could send a card, a gift or whatever you can think of. It takes little effort but little seeds can get you lasting fruits of love.

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