Live laugh love quotes

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I remember those days in college when all we did was eat, drink laugh and fall in love. Those days had some of the best moments. I cherish each and every one of them.
~ Stephanie Law

Sometimes I wish I could live life slowly. There is so much goodness in my life that I want to savor it to the fullest with the people I love the most.
~ Wendy Alex

Start believing that your best days are ahead and not behind you. Grow an expectancy in your heart for good and greater things. You will see good things happen in your life almost instantly.
~ Brenda Glenn
Live laugh love quotes
Remember that you came to earth with limited number of years at hand. Make sure that you live each day making yourself and those around you happy.
~ Emily Joe

Memories are a reflection of the life you are going to live. Make sure yours reflects happiness, joy, peace and goodness. Learn to live, laugh and love with all your heart.
~ Denise Holly

Every moment in life has something good in it. You just need to find it and make the best of it. Life is in little moments that make you happy. Live, laugh and be merry.
~ Beth Gilbert

There is no medicine as effective as laughter. It can instantly create bonding and connection among people. Stay happy and share it with those around you and life will turn wonderful.
~ Kimberly Clement

Keep the troubles out and avoid what is wrong. Live life with happiness and joy and then you will find new reasons to live happily. Its a beautiful cycle.
~ Charlotte Jones

Leave the regrets where they belong - behind. Focus on the good things that life has in store for you, count your blessings and live life with renewed joy.
~ Anne Hoist

Good people need to be around you and mean people need to be either transformed or avoided. The type of people you mingle with will affect your life and destiny.
~ Elizabeth Knock

You don't always have to figure everything out. Remember that someday you will understand the meaning of all things so for now just live life in peace and love.
~ Amber Austin

A lot of people think and speak negative things through their mind and mouth. These are powerful tools that you have and you can use them for a better life. Use them for your good.
~ Samantha Peters

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