Cute Anniversary Quotes

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Recently, I heard about one of my friends anniversary and that when I thought about writing these anniversary quotes. Use them on your anniversary and drop a comment to let me know if you like them.

1. True love is not only in the gifts and happy times, it is in the sufferings, sacrifices, caring and sharing that goes on for several years. I am happy that I found true love in you. Happy Anniversary!

2. This year I am thinking of not just sending you another anniversary card but a shining trophy. Thank you for bearing me at my lowest and loving me the best as you could. I love you sweetheart!

3. Over the past year that has gone by,
I have fallen in love so many times. But each and every time, the person I fell in love with was you. Happy Anniversary my love!
Cute Anniversary Quotes
4. I would fall for you again if I had to, I would take the vows again if I had to. You are the most precious person in my life and you are not just a part of my heart, you are my heart!

5. This is another year of happiness and love that you have given me. I look forward to several more years and to continue to beautify this relationship until my last breath. Happy Anniversary!

6. As we grow older together I am so grateful for all the lovely moments spent with you. Smiling, laughing and sharing all those times together has made life a garden of roses. I love you with all my heart.

7. Falling in love may seem to be like a child's game because it sounds so easy. But more than that is staying and finishing in love like our grandparents. That takes courage and is special. Happy Anniversary!

8. There are so many boyfriend and girlfriends all around who get into a fling, but none can come close to the relationship that we share. You are my number one!

9. With every year that passes by my love for you is growing by the day. But more than that what surprises me is that you are growing more lovely with each passing day. I can't help but fall in love with you.

10. Beauty fades away and the youthfulness may pass by, but the love in my heart for you is ever new. You are the apple of my eye and nothing can compare the love I have for you.

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