Cute quotes about life

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Here are some amazing cute quotes about life which will make your life better.

In life you will encounter a lot of people that you like and love spending time with. But then once in a lifetime you get a chance to meet someone you truly love. Don't let it escape you.
~ Emily Way

You always ask me: "Who is it that you love the most?" You will realize the simple answer if you only look at the first word of this sentence.
~ Paula Might

Life is short but we tend to get busy with work and other things. A simple text saying, "I am busy but I love you with all my heart" is all it takes to make it beautiful.
~ Savannah Slaw
Cute quotes about life, cute smile
Cute quotes about life
Life is beautiful when
you start believing in your dreams and hopes. Encourage yourself everyday and believe that you can live a better life by becoming a better person.
~ Eli Beam

Don't make friends who are there only in happy times. Seek friends who can see the pain and real feelings even when you are fooling everyone with a smile.
~ Lily James

We may not have complete control over what happens to us but we can control how we react. Keep a smile at all times and life will be a pleasant journey.
~ Alexis Brown

It is in the way you smile, the way you look and talk. Cuteness is a sweet virus that can be spread in so many ways. Spread it one day at a time.
~ Alyssa Wayne

We all are running in this life. If you want to be happy look back and see the people who are running after you instead of running behind people who don't care.
~ Nivea Olive

Life is a story and the beautiful part to keep in mind is what happens before "Happily ever after" is more important and interesting.
~ William Tuxedo

If your life is the way you wanted it to be then continue to dance in the happiness. If you are unhappy then all you need to do is realize that the power to change it is in your MIND.
~ Maria Bill

You can choose to hate those who have wronged you and sulk or choose to smile and gain new friends and live life happily. Choose happiness and friendship every day.
~ Amelia Hawk

Some relationships build you up and give you untold happiness. Stay close to those people and make never let them go because those relationships add life to your years.
~ Paige Humming

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