Cute funny love quotes

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Man: I want to tell you something funny.
Woman: Alright. I would like to hear it.
Man: Knock knock!
Woman: Who is it?
Man: Mary
Woman: Mary who?
Man: Marry me : )
~ William Lee

I have never been in love but
I am really passionate about eating. I think love is like when you are at the restaurant waiting for a long time and then the waiter finally arrives with the food.
~ Lucy Mow

Married couple on their 25th anniversary.
Wife: "Baby, are you happy with me?"
Husband:"I was thinking of the day when your police dad held me at gunpoint and said he would put me in prison for 25 years if I did not marry you."
Wife: Yes...So?
Husband: Twenty five years have passed away and tomorrow I could have come out of jail...a free man!
~ Don Ellis
Cute funny love quotes
After marriage usually the
husband has 2 choices. Either be honest, truthful and right or fight and loose all happiness and hair.
~ Tony Brig

W: "Hello baby, its me."
H: "Hi"
W: "Honey can I buy that Ferrari please?"
H: "Sure go ahead."
W: "That house with the pool costs 500 k, can I buy it please?"
H: "Alright, buy that too."
W: "Thanks've changed. Love you"
H: "OK.. Bye."
The guy raises the phone up and shouts: "Whose phone is this?"
~ Fell-is Knight
Are you worried about getting old and loosing your beauty? Get married to a historian because the older you get, the more they will fall in love with you.
~ Brian Jackson

Guy: What did one sea tell another?
Girl: What?
Guy: Absolutely nothing. They just waved.
Girl: Hmm...OK.
Guy: Did you just sea and understand what I just said?
Girl: Well...No.
Guy: I'm pretty shore you did.
Girl: Well who are you and how did you get my number?
Guy: Why? Don't be such a beach.
~ Norway Skylar

Well every time I have a crush on somebody or fall in love they call me a stalker. Well, I prefer calling myself a human research analyst.
~ Montana White

In a restaurant, there was a couple sitting with food in front of them...
Dude: Hey baby, you look beautiful and I love you.
Babe: But I don't love you one bit.
Dude: Well, are you sure?
Babe: Yeah...100% I don't like you at all.
Dude: Well I'd say think again.
Babe: Why ask 100 times, I said I don't love you.
Dude: Hey waiter, get two separate bills.
Babe: Hey alright OK... I love you...(smiles) *wink wink*
~ Alice Light

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