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A dog is loyal and you can always count on the animal to protect and watch over your home. But if you ever try to give him the same job for a sandwich he might eat it up. ; )
~ Jim Cats

My neighbors dog was looking really cute and I went over and pet it for an hour and returned home. My dog made me sit down and said, "I saw you pet the neighbors dog, wanna explain what that was about?" Damn! He reminds me of my wife.
~ Dog quotes

Wanna rob a sheep? The hardest part is not getting it away from the owner, but to stop the rest of the herd from following you.
~ Loyd Dillon
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Dog is so cute
I am the boss, and he is my
pet dog. Whenever I want him to catch the ball for me, he will do it. But my pet cat is my boss, and I am his slave. All he does the entire day is to sleep then ask for a food.
- Jeremy Hugh

When I was feeling all alone, I was eating my tuna sandwich. My cat approached me with its gentle paws and said I am willing to sacrifice my 9 lives just to be with you. And I was like, Thanks, here is your fish.
~ Bobby Harris

My dog wags its tail every time he welcomes me home. He always wants to play around even right after I get home from work VERY LATE. Truly, my dog is my biggest stress-reliever.
- Marco Parker

I love my cat because she always believes in me. Every time I surprise attack her, still she rubs against me. I am pretty sure she trusted me that much or probably she wants more Whiskas.
- Katie Wilson

I think my pet turtle is a reflection of myself. When I approach him, he gets shy and hides on his shell. But, when I notice he is upside down, he desperately and silently asks for help.
- Billy Smith

Married couples should always stay through thick and thin. Just like the love birds who truly apply the vow of 'Till death do us apart'.
- Rose Anne Carter

Birds go and fly away when it is mature and ready to flap its wings because they want something to achieve on top. Just like us humans with goals in life who have no fear to reach our dreams.
- Josh Andy Eliot

My pet turtle teaches me two things about life: Do not trust easily and walk slowly but surely.
- Robert Carlin

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