Sad love quotes for him - Heart break

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These quotes will help you to say exactly what you have been feeling all this while. Hopefully, they will help you feel a lot better than before.

Playing with hearts is your second nature and I could have never guessed what you were up to. I loved you with all my heart and all you did was break it into pieces.
~ Tara Nice

We spent so many memories together, lovely moments that seem almost impossible to forget. How will I ever be able to let go of all those timeless things?
~ Shavian Law

This girl was has a broken heart because of you, she lost her
smile and laughter because of the things you did, she used to have love but now its gone.
~ Tory Yikes
Sad love, sad messages for him
Sad Love
I would have loved you with all my heart and taken care of you more than anyone else can. All I asked for was to make things alright but I guess it was never meant to be.
~ Tiara Green

There is absolutely nothing that can be done when the one who was supposed to make you happy is the one who is making you sad.
~ Dallas Tights

The worst pain that one can experience is when you have to watch the one you loved with all your heart with someone else. There is nothing that can be more painful than that at that moment.
~ Valentino Melt

I used to think that I am the apple of your eyes but now I realize that I was just another option that got eliminated. This is such a heartless game.
~ John Shaver

I have been trying my best to deal with everything that has happened but sometimes it gets too much and I burst out crying.
~ William Knot

All I wanted was a guy who would never let go and love me with all his heart. But what I got in return was tears, unhappiness, bitter fights and sadness.
~ Rena Bills

In a distant dream I was with you and we were holding hands in a garden smiling and laughing. It was simply beautiful until I woke up and realized that reality has pushed us far far away.
~ Donna Trance

There are times when you don't realize the importance of the things in love until you finally lose it and it then it is simply impossible to have it back in the same way.
~ Nile Books

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