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I would go to the moon, to the stars, cross the biggest and most dangerous waters for you, for your love is pure than gold, beautiful than diamonds and precious than pearls. I long for the days I will wake up next to you as you open your eyes to the warm rays of the sun.
-Ellie Gavin
Your unconditional and beautiful love is a bright light in my darkest moments, when I think of you my strength is rejuvenated because you bring happiness and joy in my life. I want to wish you a good day every morning, shower you with my love as you go out.
-Ruth Adams

I had a beautiful
dream, it felt true and in it there you were in your most amazing ways, when I woke up I felt a feeling of satisfaction and contentment because i know i have you in my life.
-Elizabeth Williams

I fall in love with each new day, with each opportunity to see and feel the warm rays of the sun because i know its a new opportunity to see you and spend our most treasured moments together.
- Mary Moran
Beautiful romantic sayings
I may not be proud of some of the things that i did in the past but am proud of one thing, having fallen in love with your beautiful character, persona and the most important, you, my beautiful flower.
- Carmen Jackson

Your words are music to my ears, in difficult times they are my inspiration, in darkest times they are my light and in my sleep your words of love are lullaby soothing me to sleep in them.
- Jacky Marilyn

You invaded my heart with no apologies, you camped and seized it with your love, giving me shivers at the thought of you but am happy to declare you as my most treasured prisoner.
- Sarah Hassan

I love you with my whole soul, my heart, i adore you and would not imagine being away from you because being away from you is the worst thing that can happen to me.
- Suzanne Nicholas

I want to scream to the world at the top of my voice, I want to tell the world about you, how amazing you are, how loving you are and how great you are for you are my all favourite and amazing person. If I was to choose to fall in love again, I would choose you.
- Catherine Gilbert.

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