Cute falling in love quotes

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They say love comes like a storm and sweeps you off your feet without realizing, but when I met you and we looked into each other's eyes for the longest time ever, I knew I had already fallen for you.
~ Caroline. S. H.
I don't know when I fell
in love, perhaps it was when you took my hand and we ran in the rain or it might have been somewhere between your hearty laughs and your searching eyes.
~ Jenna McCarty

I knew I had fallen in love when you said goodnight and I desperately wanted you to stay a little bit longer and you did! And that's when I knew you fell for me too.
~ Clara Smith
Sweet falling in love sayings
You were definitely not the my ideal type of guy but for reasons of its own, my heart lunges at you every time I see you, the crowd dissipates and you are the one standing. You are the one who's grabbed my heart and my eyes and I love you even more.
~ Elisa K. N.

At first I thought that you were perfect for me then I realized that you were not as perfect when I saw the cracks in your heart. And, surprisingly, I fell even deeper in love with you; you are beautiful, understanding, loving, caring and simply the best. They do say it's through the wounds that the light enters.
~ Alisa N. Roan

I love you just the way you are, the way you smile, the way you would pick a fight with me, the way you would make up with me, the way you stare at me, the way you would sit so close to me, the way you wrap your arms around me and the way you kiss me.
~ Emily Clarke Loving you never gets old. Every time I see you, I fall a bit deeper in love, you make me a little bit happier.
~ Sarah B. Pulsation

Every single you ran over to my house to help me, I knew you left a piece of it when you went back. I can assure you that you also took a piece of mine until you took all of my heart.
~ Amanda Porter

Loving you was so awfully simple, all I had to do was see the nice and simple things you did for me, such as fixing my computer the day before my assignment was due and sitting with me all night to finish it, and going shopping with me so that I wouldn't have to carry the grocery bags.
~ Victoria L.

I have loved you when I pulled your hair in kindergarten, when I splashed juice on you in primary school, when I made fun of you in high school and now that I am grown up, I want to spend the rest of my life making it up to you.
~ Sean Grandson

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