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Love is that magical bound that ties you in a never ending circle of commitment and understanding. You don't have to pretend you are somebody else, you don't have to try everyday to make the other person love you. They are simply there, rooting for you and everything you stand for!
~ Janice Clark

We all say that unconditional love is
so hard to give, but yet every time I see my mother's look, I feel it. I can't explain what it is or how this "unconditional" works but it seems that mothers have it somewhere in their soul for their children no matter what.
~ Annie McKenzie

When do you know you've found the true love of your life? This question haunted me for most of my young years and I never thought that when you find it you don't need any guidelines because it simply makes you blind to everything that's not important.
~Jason Burr
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Unconditional love has no special requirement. There is no "I love you, do you love me? ", it's a inner gift for someone without expecting something in return.
~ Mimi Crane

How come I see "love hurts" more and more often over the years. Love has nothing to do with being hurt, it's the exact time when love is no longer in your life that paint seems to crawl in your soul. Love is a state of being, the purest state of any human.
~ Elaine Carson

Saying "I love you" makes you feel free, like a concrete block was taken off your chest. I say that we feel this way because this is the only time in life when you are truly vulnerable, when you offer this untouchable form of connection and you don't expect something in return. This is the only time when you are 100% alive.
~ Jennie Stafford

There is no happy ending in love because true love has no ending. You give yourself entirely so how can you ever get yourself back together? Love will always be there, you can't ruin it with regret, you just have to embrace it at any point in your relationship.
~ Caroline Crane

Love needs no words but words will always need love to come to life. I found that my true love talks to me in the simplest words and yet they touch my heart every time so profound.
~ Jackie Francis

Love is like a smile, it has no value unless you share it. In love you have to lose yourself, you have to surrender to the unknown with no fear because in some cases you will be lucky enough to feel that love back.
~ Angelina Harold

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