Inspiring cute quotes

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There is very little in the world that can not be made better by a smile. So don't be afraid to spread some sunshine, some cuteness, some smiles to whoever you meet along the way.
~ Sophie Brown
The cutest guy out there, to me, is the one who really pays attention. He doesn't get me what any guy would get for any girl. He gets me something he knows I would love, because he has paid attention to see what I like.
~ Jessica Materialist

Everyday, I try to make someone else a little happier
by doing something small for them. I do this for strangers and for those I care about. It's the best way to make myself happy too.
~ Mark Folsom
Inspiring love quotes
One day that caterpillar will go to sleep and wake up as a butterfly. So it is in your life. Just because you may feel small and hopeless today doesn't mean that you won't become something beautiful and free tomorrow.
~ Mary Anne Durham

There is something in each of us that we would recognize if we only really looked at each other. There's something we all have in common and we can find it by looking at each other in the eyes. Really looking.
~ Hannah Simone

There are some things, some thoughts, ideas and feelings that can never take physical form, but that we know are real. Love, hope, kindness, friendship, humour, forgiveness. These things can only be felt, and they are beautiful, real things.
~ Ray Jackson-Verdi
A person is cute when they're honest and you can really see that they're being themselves. Their personality shows up in everything they do, and all you want to do is smile at them and get to know them.
~ Karen Melody

Did you ever stop to think, what if the world is trying to make me a better person? I did, and it was the start of a beautiful life. I was reborn in a way and now all I want to do is make myself and the world as good I can, in whatever ways I can.
~ Amanda Ellis

There is nothing in the world that will make a home in your heart like love. When you look in its big curious eyes, hear it and feel it, watch it run and play and do the cutest things in the world, it will remind you how beautiful life is.
~ Samantha Hope

Imagine you were given something so unique that nothing like it has ever existed before nor ever will again. You are the owner of the only single version of this entity - how would you treat it? Treat yourself and others that way because we all are unique.
~ Miriam Newark

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