Cute Simple Love Quotes

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When you look at me I feel a warm glow inside. It's as though I have passed many years all alone and suddenly I know the love that I had been missing all along - all because of you.
~Michelle Ore

I don't know how you were able to break through this old cold broken heart of mine. I only know that you did it in an instant with merely a look and I have never been the same again.
~Laura Stokes

The first moment I saw you
my heart leaped inside of me. I knew you were my one and only true love, the one I have long been searching for. I can see it in your eyes. Never are they brighter than when they are focused on me.
~ Angel Mathews

I love you more every day. I know because when I think of you I feel as though you are one with me, your spirit with mine.
~ Lana Viceroy
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Simple I love you sayings
I had a dream about you, and then I met you. You were more than a dream come true, you were love coming alive before my eyes.
~ Felicia Crown

I don't know how I can love you this much but I do. I thought my days for love were over but then I met you. I know the love between us is real. When I have a desire you are already there attempting to fulfil what I have in mind. It feels like we are perfect for each other.
~ Christian Starr

When you look at me I can feel the love piercing my soul. I never knew that two people could love each other so deeply.
~ Michael Knight
You are the most beautiful person I have every known. Just being near you makes me feel alive and loved.
~ Michelle Arranger

The chemistry between us is so strong that everyone in the room stops and stares. Let's not wait any longer, it's time to admit how much we love and care.
~ Cornelia Frank

It was love at first sight the very second that I saw you. In those moments, time stood still & I knew that my soul recognized you. You asked me to open up to you and so I did. Now that I have let you in I will never be the same again & I'm so happy in this relationship.
~ Bobbie Faust

You came to my rescue when I needed you. The most beautiful part of it is that I didn't even call... somehow you just knew.
~ Petri George

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