Romantic sayings for her

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I burst into laughter at work today and others thought I was crazy. I remembered the happy funny times we shared and all I could think of was my unending love for you. You make my life happy.
~Emily White

If I were a soldier, having you is enough reason to conquer every battle, cross a thousand sea, climb the highest. Just the thought of seeing you is all the strength I need to survive.
~Adriana Brown

I asked heavens for
a breakthrough and they sent you. You have been my friend and helper and I promise to love you all the days of my life.
~Collins Abigail

If I were an artist I would be the pop king, if I were a warrior, I would be brave heart, if I were a movie, I would be your Shriek and you my Fiona because all I see is happily ever after with you.
~ Adriana Brown
Saying of romance
The hardest thing is no longer facing my boss or speaking to an eager audience. The hardest thing is knowing that the clock is ticking and I am not spending every second of my life with you.
~ Taylor Alexandra

Smile so comforting, words filled with peace, arms ever embracing, and love so genuine, these things I have never lacked since you came into my life.
~Mary Patrick
As a child I was interested in just facial and bodily appearance. Several years later, I am convinced angels work among men, you are one of them.
~ Danielle Greg

Who ever thought Shriek was going to get Fiona? Well, who ever thought we are going to have each other?
~Wanda Boil
We argue and fight sometimes. We felt like walking away. But there is a reason I can never leave you and this is because I fall in love afresh every morning when I look into your eyes.
~Anna Davids

Separate the poet from his pen, the porter from his clay, the plant from the rain. As impossible as these may seem, you add color and beauty to my world.
~Amy Vacs

Pain and gain, fame and a name, those are fancy words, I prefer You and I.
~Victor Amanda

Do you know the reason I always look at your neck when I talk to you? Whenever I look you in the eyes, I forget what I have to say because you take my breath away.
~Agnes Washington

Water is good to quench my thirst, honey is sweet and tickles my taste buds, your presence is comforting and I can never have enough.
~ Leslie Jones

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