Extraordinary Love Quotes for Her

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Some fires burn for a short while and they get extinguished. I pray, my love, that our fire of love burns much longer, each day with a little more light and more vibrant.
~ Judy Swan
Yesterday, I was just another lonely figure walking down the street. Until I bumped into you; with your large soulful eyes that can
drown even the most ardent of swimmers. And a smile so perfect, I knew I would fall soon. And I did, I fell in love with you!
~ Kristin Rivers

I can barely remember half of my college classmates. But the faces of my dear friends, I remember those every day. Most importantly, I remember the face of my first love. No memory stays with you as long as the memory of first and innocent love.
~ Diane Clarke
Cute couple, husband and wife after marriage
Extraordinary couple
Our fiery and passionate love is not one to easily fade away. We have been through trying times, each time we have risen from the rubble of our crumbled love. We have endured too many obstacles to give up now. Promise me you will be stronger, promise me my love.
~ Emil Nicked

It does not matter how many times I see you. Every time we are apart, I thirst for you. Bring an end to this suffering of mine, be mine forever my love.
~ Gazette Gray
Nothing compares to the wildness of our ways and our love. It scares me to think that I may ever lose you. But I smile each day, in the knowledge that hearts in love can never be separated. They beat as one. They live as one, forever.
~ Christine Charles

I love to watch our children play. I hear your voice in their laughter. I see your face in their smiles. They are the fruit of our loving; a love so pure that we cultivated together.
~ Clare Matthews

When I look at a rose flower, I see the ultimate symbol of our love. A distinct scent that reminds me of our first meeting in the orchard, a delicate petal for the gentle way you treat me and the deep red color that represents our fiery love.
~ Clara McGuire

It is not enough that I like you a lot. I want you to like me as much I do you. It is not enough that I profess my love for you; I want you to show me that you love me with the same intensity as I do. I want your emotion to be a mirror of mine. I want all your love for me.
~ Stacy Middleton

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