Special love quotes for your girlfriend

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I like to lie awake and look at the stars, when the night is still and quiet. It is a beautiful sight; one that stirs in me a deep longing for you. We used to count the stars together in our childhood. I hope we never stop even in our sunset years.
~ Amanda Brown

I love my friends a little. I love my family the most. But my friends are my family, so I love them a little more!
~ Regina Clarke

I am shy around
new faces. I am most talkative around my beloved friends. People say it is because I am used to them, but I know it is because they love me for who I am.
- Merry Stone

You and I, we make a great team. People say we make a fiery pair. I hope it is true. I feel that warmth when we stand side by side; it is like striking a match and lighting a fire.
~ Carole Matthews

I knew you were going to be special to me. I cannot explain it, I just knew it. I felt it that first time when you bumped into me. It was the start of something beautiful. I hope the love never dies.
~ Charlotte Rowan

Our journey started many years back. It has been my longest journey yet, the most tiring of all and by far the most fulfilling. I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. Your love is perfect.
~ Ariel Turner

It is not wise to lament and curse lost love. It is the nature of life. We are bound to lose some and gain others. Often times, we gain much more. Then we realize that it was necessary to lose first so that we create a bigger space for new love.
~ Agnes Eleazar

You give me hope. You make me dare to hope and dream. You helped me unclip my wings and now I am flying. Only I know that your love is the source of all my strength.
~ Merriam Williams

Life has never been fair to most. But I count myself lucky. Life has dealt me my share of sorrow and pain, but I emerged stronger. I felt stronger after every fall. Then I realized why; you always helped me to my feet, each time.
~ Sarah Boer

I think you have one of the most beautiful hearts. You have loved me in my joy and in my deepest pain. You have cheered me on even when it was evident I was going to lose. Most of all, you have allowed me to dwell in your heart; that's how I know it's the most beautiful of them all!
- Lilian Christopher

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