2014 Merry Christmas Quotes and Wishes

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When you are in the Christmas spirit, all things around you look brighter, better and lovely. Suddenly there is hope for a better tomorrow. May this Christmas season make you dream again!
~ Susan Robertson

Celebrating Christmas is the best way to share love, joy and kindness with those we love. It is a time to show our friends and family just how much they mean to us. Thanks for being a pillar in my life, Merry Christmas!
~ Norah Johnson

Christmas comes and goes but the Christmas spirit lives on year on end. Nothing can take away the love and joy of a cheerful giver. Best wishes as you share in the Christmas spirit.
~ Amber Jackson

Love is the glue that holds
humanity together, Christmas is the package in which it is presented to the world. May you spread the love to the world this Christmas.
~ Joanna Anderson

A simple tree adorned in decoration by the fire place can light up a house and make it a home. May the Christmas spirit warm your home now and for years to come.
~ Sophia Davis

May joy and laughter fill your heart this Christmas season as you share your warmth with your loved ones. Let nothing take away your smile, warmth and love.
~ Ashley Levi

When I think of Christmas, I think only happy thoughts, love and peace. This Christmas, may you experience love, joy and unmatched happiness.
~ Amber Jordan

Colourful decorations, children running around the Christmas tree and great food are some of the things that make Christmas memorable. May this Christmas season fill your home with joy and laughter.
~ Joy Erickson

May this Christmas season bring you joy. May all your dreams come true, now and in the years to come.
~ Zoe Carter

A warm fire, good food, a glass of wine and great company is enough to make your Christmas unforgettable. May this Christmas remind you of the splendour brought by simplicity.
~ Hazel Scott

In loving others, we discover a piece of who we are and who we had forgotten to be. May this Christmas season remind you a bit about who you truly are.
~ Ruby Lewis

Christmas brings out the best in us as we share gifts, love, warmth and kindness with family and friends. Bring out the best version of you this Christmas season, as you make it an unforgettable experience.
~ Hazel Young

Christmas is a time to love and be loved; to give and receive kindness; a time to honour the saviour of the world. Have a blessed Christmas!
~ Wolston (Editor) & Ndushpampe (Writer)

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